ReHacked #134: War still going on in Ukraine, The fake Twitter account of “Marina Ovsyannikova”, US Senate approves resolution probing Putin for war crimes and more #StandingWithUkraine

ReHacked #134: War still going on in Ukraine, The fake Twitter account of “Marina Ovsyannikova”, US Senate approves resolution probing Putin for war crimes and more #StandingWithUkraine

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Donate to support the Ukrainian Red Cross to help civilians in this difficult time for Ukraine! – Товариство Червоного Хреста України

If the situation in Ukraine gets worse, volunteers and staff of the Ukrainian Red Cross would provide first aid in areas where access to medical services will be limited; сommunication will be established and awareness of health risks will be raised. And, of course, we will provide humanitarian aid to all people in need.

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The fake Twitter account of “Marina Ovsyannikova” – and how to spot such fakes – The Law and Policy Blog #war #fakenews

And earlier today many mainstream media journalists fell for a fake account in the name of Marina Ovsyannikova, the Moscow television editor who bravely interrupted a live broadcast to protest against the invasion of Ukraine.

US Senate approves resolution probing Putin for war crimes #war

The U.S. Senate unanimously approved a resolution late Tuesday seeking investigations of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his regime for war crimes over the invasion of Ukraine.

The bipartisan measure from Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., says the Senate strongly condemns the "violence, war crimes. crimes against humanity” being carried out Russian military forces under Putin's direction. It encourages international criminal courts to investigate Putin, his security council and military leaders for possible war crimes.

Alert: peacenotwar module sabotages npm developers in the node-ipc package to protest the invasion of Ukraine | Snyk #war #software #security

On March 15, 2022, users of the popular Vue.js frontend JavaScript framework started experiencing what can only be described as a supply chain attack impacting the npm ecosystem. This was the result of the nested dependencies node-ipc and peacenotwar being sabotaged as an act of protest by the maintainer of the node-ipc package.

This security incident involves destructive acts of corrupting files on disk by one maintainer and their attempts to hide and restate that deliberate sabotage in different forms. While this is an attack with protest-driven motivations, it highlights a larger issue facing the software supply chain: the transitive dependencies in your code can have a huge impact on your security.

Continental Europe successful synchronisation with Ukraine and Moldova power systems #energy

Following an urgent request by Ukrenergo and Moldova for emergency synchronisation, the TSOs of Continental Europe agreed to start on 16 March 2022 the trial synchronisation of the Continental European Power System with the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova. This acceleration of the synchronisation project ongoing since 2017 has been possible thanks to the previous studies carried out and the adoption of risks mitigation measures.

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