ReHacked #133: War in Ukraine continues, Appeal to Ruby community from Kharkiv Rubyist, Inside Putin’s circle — the real Russian elite, Roskomnadzor 820GB leak and more #StandWithUkraine

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ReHacked #133: War in Ukraine continues, Appeal to Ruby community from Kharkiv Rubyist, Inside Putin’s circle — the real Russian elite, Roskomnadzor 820GB leak and more #StandWithUkraine

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Appeal to Ruby community from Kharkiv Rubyist #war #ukraine

Release: Roskomnadzor (820 GB)
In the Cyberwar category, we are listing 340,000 files from the Роскомнадзор or Roskomnadzor of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. By population, Bashkortostan is one of the larger republics of the Russian federation, and Roskomnadzor is the Russian federal agency responsible for the monitoring and censorship of Russian media.

Inside Putin’s circle — the real Russian elite | Free to read | Financial Times #politics #world #war

Three of the top seven “oligarchs” tried to defy Putin politically. Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Gusinsky were driven abroad, and Mikhail Khodorkovsky was jailed and then exiled. The others, and their numerous lesser equivalents, were allowed to keep their businesses within Russia in return for unconditional public subservience to Putin. When Putin met (by video link) leading Russian businessmen after launching the invasion of Ukraine, there was no question of who was giving the orders.

JetBrains’ Statement on Ukraine | JetBrains News #software #war

Today we are announcing that we will be suspending sales and R&D activities in Russia indefinitely. Sales in Belarus are also suspended indefinitely.

JetBrains was founded in Prague, Czech Republic, 22 years ago. Over the years we have continued to expand our offices to other countries, setting up R&D centers in St. Petersburg, Boston, Munich, Amsterdam, and other locations. The decision to suspend our operations in Russia has been the most difficult one JetBrains has ever made. It affects us as a company, and more importantly, affects our people. However, we cannot ignore what is happening. It goes against the values that this company has always stood for.

China Markets in Turmoil as Russia Ties Add to List of Risks #economy #world

Global investors are losing faith in China’s ability to navigate an increasingly complex maze of challenges.

The war in Ukraine raises the specter of harsh sanctions being applied to Chinese firms should they proceed with plans to acquire stakes in Russian energy and materials producers. The risk of Chinese companies being delisted from the U.S. is growing. A housing slump is worsening. Record commodities prices locally may stoke inflation, while the highest Covid-19 infections since the Wuhan outbreak will weigh on already weak consumption.

In Moscow, McDonald's packs up, radio falls silent and the brain drain begins #economy #world #war

Wonders and warnings from the ancient world | Daisy Dunn | The Critic Magazine #history #longread

The cursus publicus was hailed for its efficiency, at least until Justinian got his hands on it. Procopius claimed that a message entrusted to the system could cover ten times the distance of an individual in a single day. It worked by running couriers between a series of stations arranged along established routes. Each was equipped with 40 horses and an equivalent number of grooms and, in some cases, overnight accommodation.

There was not, as you might have imagined, a changeover of courier, but rather of horses. The same tireless postie covered between five and eight stations by horse-drawn carriage per day or, by the calculation cited in this book, up to 120 kilometres if the missive was particularly pressing.

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