ReHacked #135: Inside Mariupol's devastation: AP journalists document war's toll, Old Age and Creativity, After About 600 Hours, 64 Workers at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Relieved and more

ReHacked #135: Inside Mariupol's devastation: AP journalists document war's toll, Old Age and Creativity, After About 600 Hours, 64 Workers at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Relieved and more
AY73 flight routes before and after closing Russian airspace. CNN/FlightRadar24

Donate to support the Ukrainian Red Cross to help civilians in this difficult time for Ukraine! – Товариство Червоного Хреста України

If the situation in Ukraine gets worse, volunteers and staff of the Ukrainian Red Cross would provide first aid in areas where access to medical services will be limited; сommunication will be established and awareness of health risks will be raised. And, of course, we will provide humanitarian aid to all people in need.

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Inside Mariupol's devastation: AP journalists document war's toll | AP News #war #standingwithukraine

The bodies of the children all lie here, dumped into this narrow trench hastily dug into the frozen earth of Mariupol to the constant drumbeat of shelling.

There’s 18-month-old Kirill, whose shrapnel wound to the head proved too much for his little toddler’s body. There’s 16-year-old Iliya, whose legs were blown up in an explosion during a soccer game at a school field. There’s the girl no older than 6 who wore the pajamas with cartoon unicorns, among the first of Mariupol’s children to die from a Russian shell.

Old Age and Creativity | Stanley Deser | Inference #history  #psychology

Physics’s greatest giants either died young, as did James Clerk Maxwell at age 48, or stopped meaningful work well before they died, as in the cases of Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, and Max Born, or changed fields, like Erwin Schrödinger. Mathematicians, a different breed entirely, had Leonhard Euler and Carl Friedrich Gauss who kept going until a very old age, for their times—76 and 77—despite starting very early, as mathematicians seem to do. This is not a universal trend: in the twentieth century, David Hilbert at 81 and André Weil at 92 are the only exemplars that come to mind. Physics seems to have no very old top-tier contributors.

Christopher Alexander, 1936-2022 | CNU #promemoria

In 1965, Alexander wrote a much-cited essay, A City Is Not a Tree, one of the earliest and most trenchant critiques of the dendritic, sprawl pattern of city planning and development. Other works include The Timeless Way of Building and A New Theory of Urban Design. Alexander was more than a theorist: In 2006, when he was awarded the Athena, it was reported he had designed and built more than 200 buildings around the world. In 2012, his The Battle for the Life and Beauty of the Earth, tells the story of a school campus in Japan that was designed and built using the principles that he articulated.

The Boschian Horror of ‘Elden Ring’ - ArtReview #art #longread

On its release on 25 February, Elden Ring, the newest game from Japanese developer FromSoftware, helmed by lauded director Hidetaka Miyazaki, began an unstoppable ascent to godhood. Showered with critical praise, with sales figures usually exclusive to mega-franchises like Call of Duty or FIFA, this high-fantasy epic, marked by its dread-laden atmosphere and ruthless difficulty, has in just a couple of weeks attained a legendary status achieved by few games. This isn’t surprising perhaps, given the reputation of the developer’s previous works, namely the highly influential and beloved Dark Souls trilogy (2011-2016), but the critical assent has been something to behold.

Polar express: How airlines are plotting a new route to Asia | CNN Travel #economy

The closure of Russian airspace to some international carriers, including many in Europe, has forced airlines to seek alternate routes. For some flights, such as those linking Europe and Southeast Asia, that's especially problematic since Russia, the world's largest country, stands directly in between.

The problem is best illustrated by Finnair's flight from Helsinki to Tokyo. Before the invasion of Ukraine, planes from Finland's national carrier would take off and quickly veer into the airspace of neighboring Russia, crossing it for over 3,000 miles.

They would then enter China near its northern border with Mongolia, fly in its airspace for about 1,000 miles, before entering Russia again just north of Vladivostok.

Finally, they'd cross the Sea of Japan and turn south towards Narita Airport. The journey would take just under nine hours on average and cover nearly 5,000 miles.

After About 600 Hours, 64 Workers at Ukraine's Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Finally Relieved - Slashdot #war #safety

Staff at the plant, which includes more than 200 technical personnel and guards, had not been able to rotate shifts since February 23, a day before Russian forces took control of the site, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, which serves as a nuclear watchdog for the United Nations. In a Facebook post, the plant said that to rotate the 64 workers, 46 volunteers were sent to the site to make sure operations at the plant could continue.

It was unclear whether the remaining workers would also have an opportunity to be rotated.

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