ReHacked vol. 241: A History of Japanese Train Evolution, When Linux Spooked Microsoft, Spain lives in flats and more

ReHacked vol. 241: A History of Japanese Train Evolution, When Linux Spooked Microsoft, Spain lives in flats and more

A History of Japanese Train Evolution | Tokyo Weekender #history #technology #engineering

They have been called the greatest privatization success story in Japan’s history: railways. Their on-time record is the envy of the world. In its best year in nearly six decades of service, the Tokaido Shinkansen carried more than 477,000 passengers a day along its 550-kilometer route between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka stations –– and yet the average delay per train was less than 1 minute. It’s hard to fathom how such a busy rail corridor could achieve such precision. What made it possible? One key moment: the break-up of the government-owned Japanese National Railways into regional Japan Railways companies in the late 1980s.

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Australia locks down ports after DP World cyberattack | The Independent #security

Australia says it is responding to an ongoing cyberattack targeting major ports, prompting operator DP World to temporarily restrict access to the network on Saturday.

The operator shut down four ports at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Fremantle after detecting a cybersecurity incident late on Friday night. DP World is responsible for 40 per cent of Australia’s maritime freight.

Home minister Clare O’Neil said the Australian government was aware of the developing situation.

Porsche Open Source Platform #software #opensource

LockBit leaks Boeing files after failed ransom negotiations • The Register #privacy #security

The LockBit crew is claiming to have leaked all of the data it stole from Boeing late last month, after the passenger jet giant apparently refused to pay the ransom demand.

The gang dumped the files online early Friday morning. This latest leak includes about 50GB of data in the form of compressed archives and backup files for various systems.

Microsoft lays hands on login data: Beware of the new Outlook | heise online #privacy

Microsoft is singing the praises of the new Outlook and wants to persuade users to switch. But beware: if you try out the new Outlook, you risk transferring your IMAP and SMTP credentials of mail accounts and all your emails to Microsoft servers. Although Microsoft explains that it is possible to switch back to the previous apps at any time, the data will already be stored by the company. This allows Microsoft to read the emails.

David Lynch Made a Disturbing Web Sitcom Called “Rabbits”: It’s Now Used by Psychologists to Induce a Sense of Existential Crisis in Research Subjects | Open Culture #art #culture #history

David Lynch has stayed productive in recent years — putting out an album and reviving Twin Peaks, to name just two projects — but more than a decade has gone by since his last feature film. Still, images from that one, 2006’s Inland Empire, may well linger in the heads of its viewers to this day. Some of the most haunting sequences that compose its three hours include clips of Rabbits, a television show about those very creatures. Or rather, a television show about humanoid rabbits who exchange lines of cryptic dialogue in a shadowy living room located, as the show puts it, “in a nameless city deluged by a continuous rain” where they live “with a fearful mystery.”

Youtube's AdBlock detection might break the law in the EU - YouTube #privacy #internet

Omegle 2009 - 2023 #internet #history

“In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.” — Douglas Adams

When Linux Spooked Microsoft: Remembering 1998's Leaked 'Halloween Documents' - Slashdot #computing #software #history

Back in 1998, Slashdot's CmdrTaco covered the whole brouhaha — including this CNN article:

A second internal Microsoft memo on the threat Linux poses to Windows NT calls the operating system "a best-of-breed Unix" and wonders aloud if the open-source operating system's momentum could be slowed in the courts.

Spain lives in flats: why we have built our cities vertically #urbanism #architecture #society

Microsoft won’t let you close OneDrive on Windows until you explain yourself - The Verge #software #copyrights #privacy

Microsoft now wants you to explain exactly why you’re attempting to close its OneDrive for Windows app before it allows you to do so. Neowin has spotted that the latest update to OneDrive now includes an annoying dialog box that asks you to select the reason why you’re closing the app every single time you attempt to close OneDrive from the taskbar.

Waze will now warn drivers about crash dangers using historical data | Ars Technica #software

Traffic navigation app Waze is adding a new feature to its toolbox today. It's called crash history alerts, and it's meant to warn drivers about dangerous hotspots, based on a combination of historical data plus road and traffic data.

Originally an independent startup, in 2013 Google purchased the Israeli company for $1.15 billion, perhaps beating Apple to the punch. Even before the purchase, Waze was becoming an Ars reader favorite thanks to more advanced traffic rerouting than either Google Maps or Apple Maps.

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