ReHacked vol. 240: Intel 80386, Maersk cutting at least 10,000 jobs, German court bans LinkedIn from ignoring "Do Not Track" signals and more

ReHacked vol. 240: Intel 80386, Maersk cutting at least 10,000 jobs, German court bans LinkedIn from ignoring "Do Not Track" signals and more
Wasabi. (C) TokyoWeekender

What is Wasabi and Why Is It so Spicy? | Tokyo Weekender #history #culinary #longread

Wasabi was first cultivated in Japan in the 10th century after it was discovered growing by mountain streams, thriving alongside running water and shade. It was originally cultivated for its health benefits, which we’ll go into later. From the start of Japan’s medieval period in the 1200s, wasabi started to be used in sushi.

Areas such as Nagano, Iwate and Shizuoka are particularly keen cultivators of the root, together growing around 83% of Japan’s wasabi.

Outside of Japan, it is extremely rare. In recent years, as the popularity and demand for Japanese food has grown, the awareness of wasabi has increased along with it. Countries such as Taiwan and New Zealand have started to grow their own wasabi, although Japan remains far and away the main producer. It is a very temperamental vegetable, with particular climate requirements and small yields. It is also prone to disease. Consequently, in the U.S., there are fewer than a handful of wasabi farms, with the plant reaching around $100 for 250 grams.

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Intel 80386, a revolutionary CPU | XtoF’s Lair #hardware #computer #history

The i386 was not planned nor wanted by Intel.

In the late 70s, the most important project at Intel was the iAPX 432, a very ambitious CPU that was intended to be Intel's major design for the 1980s. The intention was to build a chip very well suited to the high level languages of the time, such as ADA, by offering niceties like object-oriented programming and storage allocation in hardware. A very ambitious design that would take years to mature, so Intel launched a stop-gap design in 1976: the 8086.

List of people who have lived in airports - Wikipedia #interesting

When to Shut Up: A Visual Guide (with included algorithm)

Maersk cutting at least 10,000 jobs as shipping boom unravels | Reuters #economy

Shipping group A.P. Moller-Maersk (MAERSKb.CO), reported a steep drop in third-quarter profit and revenue on Friday and said it would cut at least 10,000 jobs in the face of overcapacity, rising costs and weaker prices, sending its shares tumbling.

Maersk, which controls about one-sixth of global container trade, transporting goods for a host of major retailers and consumer goods companies such as Walmart and Nike, flagged a steeper downturn in demand than analysts and investors had expected.

Is your extension ready for Firefox for Android? Be part of the launch of a new open mobile ecosystem | Mozilla Add-ons Community Blog #software

During the release cycle of Firefox 120, we’ll begin to see the emergence of dozens of new, openly available extensions on Firefox for Android on (AMO). We’re taking a steady approach to opening up the mobile extension ecosystem to ensure Firefox for Android maintains strong performance standards while a vast new array of extensions are utilized for the first time in a mobile environment. If testing continues to progress well, we anticipate unveiling a fully open Firefox for Android extension ecosystem sometime in December.

Software that supports your body should always respect your freedom — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free software #software #copyrights #health

In July, users of the proprietary software app LibreLink, who live in the UK and use Apple devices, found that the app they depend on to monitor their blood sugar was not working anymore after the developer Abbott pushed an updated for the app. Monitoring glucose levels helps people with diabetes to see when their glucose level is too low or too high, which is a critical part of treatment.

"This equipment is supposed to save your life," David Burchell, who has type 1 diabetes, told the BBC. "And basically it broke, just showing a white screen, and I had a panic. ... I was left without an active test, other than the fingerprint testing. Pricking your finger a hundred times a week is a nightmare."

NewPipe - a free YouTube client #software

NewPipe has been created with the purpose of getting the original YouTube experience on your smartphone without annoying ads and questionable permissions.

Facebook owner Meta faces EU ban on targeted advertising | Reuters #privacy #socialnetworks

The European data regulator has agreed to extend a ban imposed by non-EU member Norway on "behavioural advertising" on Facebook and Instagram to cover all 30 countries in the European Union and the European Economic Area, it said on Wednesday.

The ban on such advertising, which targets users by harvesting their data, is a setback for U.S. tech giant Meta Platforms (META.O), the owner of the two social media services, which has opposed efforts to curb the practice.

German court bans LinkedIn from ignoring "Do Not Track" signals #privacy

The Berlin Regional Court has issued a ruling against professional networking platform LinkedIn, prohibiting some of its data practices. The lawsuit was brought by the Federation of German Consumer Organizations.

The court found that LinkedIn cannot ignore "Do Not Track" signals sent by users' browsers. These signals allow internet users to opt-out of having their online activities tracked. Despite receiving these signals, LinkedIn still announced on its website that it engages in tracking for analysis and marketing purposes. The court said this communication is misleading, as LinkedIn is legally required to respect the Do Not Track requests.

Razor 1911 - Wikipedia #internet #history

Razor 1911 (RZR) is a warez and demogroup founded in Norway, 1986. It was the first ever such group to be initially founded exclusively as a demogroup, before moving into warez in 1987. According to the US Justice Department, Razor 1911 is the oldest software cracking group that is still active on the internet.[2][3] Razor 1911 ran the diskmag 'Propaganda' until 1995.

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