ReHacked vol. 196: TSMC starts volume production of 3nm chips, Year of Linux on the desktop, Women like working with people, men like working with things and a little more

ReHacked vol. 196: TSMC starts volume production of 3nm chips, Year of Linux on the desktop, Women like working with people, men like working with things and a little more
Vandals broke in to Koonalda Cave in South Australia and wrote a prank message over 30,000 year old art Photo by the Mirning cultural group

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Rant: year of Linux on the desktop #software #history

1991: It’s not possible for a hobbyist to write their own operating system kernel.

A Guide to the Terminal, Console, and Shell #history #hardware #software

The history of the telegraph goes back from the 17th and 18th century. At that time, there were already some ways to send telegraphs on long distances! The technology jumped forward in the 18th century: during the french revolution, there was suddenly an urgent need for the telegraph; after all, the French monarchy (and the king’s head) was on the line. That’s why the telegraph expanded quickly in France first, and then in Europe.

To send a telegraph, you needed two persons on each side of the line (emission and reception): the operators. At the time, it was not possible to send messages in plain text, so the operators had to encode them; for example in the famous Morse system, but not only.

TSMC starts volume production of 3nm chips - Focus Taiwan #technology #economy

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), the world's largest contract chipmaker, touted its 3 nanometer process as the world's most advanced semiconductor technology on Thursday at a ceremony announcing the start of mass production of chips using the highly anticipated technology.

It's easier and faster to pirate an e-book, than it is to buy it | Hacker News #copyrights #discussion

After spending hours trying to buy e-books, having my Amazon account blocked, and downloading files that can't be transferred to my Kindle, the only conclusion I come to, is that I'm never buying e-books again.

Women like working with people, men like working with things, all across the world #psychology #society

An analysis of responses of people from 42 countries on a vocational interest inventory confirmed the well-known finding that women tend to prefer jobs and activities that focus on working with people, much more than men. Men tend to prefer working with things much more than women. Women were also found to have somewhat higher preferences for jobs that involve working with ideas and for more prestigious jobs. The study was published in Sex Roles.

Vandals Destroy 30,000-Year-Old Indigenous Cave Drawings in Australia | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine #culture #history #crime

In Southern Australia, vandals have broken into Koonalda Cave and destroyed 30,000 year-old sacred Indigenous rock art. The vandals forced their way past barbed wire and dug under a steel gate to get into the Koonalda Caves, where they etched graffiti into the limestone wall over the ancient Nullarbor Plain drawings. The cave is considered sacred by its owners, the Aboriginal Mirning people.

US Government demands direct police access to European biometric data [pdf] #privacy

Why do bees die when they sting you? #nature

So why do bees die when they sting you? Well, it ultimately depends on which biologist you ask.

Perhaps because they're disposable parts of a larger super-organism which has evolved by multi-level selection. Perhaps because they're happy to die for their sister-producing factory known as the queen, fuelled by kin selection and the haplodiploid genetics of the Hymenoptera.

Nothing is certain because we don't have a time machine to trace the evolution of bees. Biologists are certainly still debating about it and neither kin nor group selection has reached unanimous consensus.

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