ReHacked vol. 195: News Is What Somebody Does Not Want You To Print, Why winter saps your electric car's driving range, Maxi Jazz dies, aged 65 and more

News is what somebody does not want you to print. All the rest is advertising. --Quote Investigator

ReHacked vol. 195: News Is What Somebody Does Not Want You To Print, Why winter saps your electric car's driving range, Maxi Jazz dies, aged 65 and more
Max Jazz in 1999. Photograph: Mark Liley/Allstar

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News Is What Somebody Does Not Want You To Print. All the Rest Is Advertising – Quote Investigator #news #society

“Whatever a patron desires to get published is advertising; whatever he wants to keep out of the paper is news,” is the sentiment expressed in a little framed placard on the desk of L. E. Edwardson, day city editor of the Chicago Herald and Examiner.

Why winter saps your electric car's driving range #technology

Faithless singer Maxi Jazz dies, aged 65 | #promemoria #music

An official statement shared on social media today (24th December) confirmed that the musician, real name Maxwell Fraser, died “peacefully at his home in South London” on Friday night (23rd). He was 65.

The joint statement from Faithless’ Sister Bliss and Rollo Armstrong, and Maxi Jazz’s band The E-Type Boys, continued: “He was a man who changed our lives in so many ways. He gave proper meaning and a message to our music. He was also a lovely human being with time for everyone and a wisdom that was both profound and accessible.

Congress passes spending bill with TikTok ban on government devices #security #software

Under the bipartisan spending bill that passed both chambers of Congress on Friday, TikTok will be banned from government devices, underscoring the growing concern about the popular video-sharing app owned by China’s ByteDance.

The bill, which still has to be signed into law by President Joe Biden, also calls on e-commerce platforms to do more vetting to help deter counterfeit goods from being sold online, and forces companies pursuing large mergers to pay more to file with federal antitrust agencies.

Why the super rich are inevitable #economy #society

Why do super rich people exist in a society?

Many of us assume it's because some people make better financial decisions. But what if this isn't true? What if the economy – our economy – is designed to create a few super rich people?

That's what mathematicians argue in something called the Yard-sale model, and I promise it has something to do with my dumb watch purchase.

Public Domain Day 2023 | Duke University School of Law #copyrights

Among others, movie “Metropolis” enters public domain on January 1st, 2023. Isn’t it a great occasion to watch it again?

A Roomba recorded a woman on the toilet. How did screenshots end up on Facebook? | MIT Technology Review #privacy

They were the sorts of scenes that internet-connected devices regularly capture and send back to the cloud—though usually with stricter storage and access controls. Yet earlier this year, MIT Technology Review obtained 15 screenshots of these private photos, which had been posted to closed social media groups.

The photos vary in type and in sensitivity. The most intimate image we saw was the series of video stills featuring the young woman on the toilet, her face blocked in the lead image but unobscured in the grainy scroll of shots below. In another image, a boy who appears to be eight or nine years old, and whose face is clearly visible, is sprawled on his stomach across a hallway floor. A triangular flop of hair spills across his forehead as he stares, with apparent amusement, at the object recording him from just below eye level.

New Zealand passes legislation banning cigarettes for future generations - BBC News #health #politics #world #nannystate

New Zealand will phase in a near-total tobacco ban from next year.

Legislation passed by parliament on Tuesday means that anyone born after 2008 will never be able to buy cigarettes or tobacco products.

It will mean the number of people able to buy tobacco will shrink each year. By 2050, for example, 40-year-olds will be too young to buy cigarettes.

Health Minister Ayesha Verrall, who introduced the bill, said it was a step "towards a smoke-free future".

"Thousands of people will live longer, healthier lives and the health system will be NZ$5 billion (US$3.2 billion) better off from not needing to treat the illnesses caused by smoking," Dr Verrall said.

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