ReHacked #5: longest known exposure photo, trading water as a commodity and couple more interesting facts

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Trading Water Futures as a Commodity: Have You Ever Dreamt of That?

Wall Street has begun trading water as a commodity, like gold or oil.  The country’s first water market launched on the Chicago Mercantile  Exchange this week with $1.1 billion in contracts tied to water prices  in California

#economy #environment

MasterCard and Visa Halt Processing Payments to PornHub

Mastercard said it was permanently ending the use of its cards on the sex videos site after its investigation confirmed the presence of illegal content on the platform. Visa said it was suspending payments till an investigation was completed.


Hackers steal Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine data in Europe

documents related to development of their COVID-19 vaccine had been “unlawfully accessed” in a cyberattack


Longest known exposure photograph

It shows 2,953 arced trails of the sun, as it rose and fell between summer and winter over a period of eight years and one month.


Idle PayPal Accounts will be Charged (Log in before 16th Dec to prevent this)

PayPal is to introduce a £9 “inactivity” fee for anyone whose account has been dormant for at least a year, but still has some money left in it.

From 16 December, the annual fee will be charged, or the entire balance, if less.


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