ReHacked #3: what happened during the weekend of wk49 2020

I wish CyberPunk 2077 was a movie, but not a documentary :)

Hello, my friends, make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and prepare to have a long but interesting read about what happened during recent weekend. You can see this issue is a little bit different from the last one - I still searching how to provide newsfeed that could be interesting and entertaining for you. As usually - remarks and proposals are highly welcome in comments section or just reply to this e-mail and have a good read!

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Farewell to Arecibo

NSF drone footage of Arecibo radiotelescope collapse events.

#science #technology #space

How to Spy Your Phone Back

NRK Journalist Martin Gundersen tracked down his phone surveillants back. Red his Twitter thread and dig back from your phone to US ICE no matter where you live.


"Dont be evil" Google unlawfully fired employees for attempting to organise a union, a US federal agency has said.

The title says it all.

#politics #economy

Dogs only allowed

US airlines will no longer be required to transport emotional support animals after passengers insisted on bringing on board their horses, pigs, peacocks and turkeys for psychological reasons.

#culture #economy

Have You Ever Dream of Legalizing Coca on Government Level?

Colombia did. After 40 years of U.S. - backed anti-drug policy that criminalizes the coca leaf, Marulanda and a group of members of congress want to change tack.

The bill attempts to create a legal industry that distributes cocaine to users for pain relief, not recreational use. Like that in Bolivia, it also hopes to bring hundreds of thousands of illegal coca farmers out of the shadows into a legal, homegrown industry.

#economy #health

The Birth of UNIX with Brian Kernighan

50 minute podcast from the creator of UNIX

#software #history

Bookworm Thoughts on… Books

More details inside and authors 10 bullet points for lazy ones:

  • 1. Best-Selling Books are Usually Crap
  • 2. Read Foundational Books – Often Mentioned in The Bibliography Section
  • 3. Good Books are Usually Hard to Get
  • 4. Figure Out What You Want to Learn First, Then Search For a Book
  • 5. Do Your Future Self a Favor and Take Notes
  • 6. Books Will Only Show You The Way
  • 7. The More You Read the More You Want to Read
  • 8. It’s About Taking Action, Not About Reading More Books
  • 9. The More You Read, The More You Distance Yourself From Others
  • 10. The Intellectual Gap Between You and Other Increases


EU Lawmakers Laying Foundations to Keep Sane Work/Life Balance During Quarantine while Working Remotely (Right to Disconnect).

#career #economy

Why Web Scraping Is Vital to Democracy

Journalists have used scrapers to collect data that rooted out extremist cops, tracked lobbyists, and uncovered an underground market for adopted children .


Sight restored by turning back the epigenetic clock

Neurons progressively deteriorate with age and lose resilience to injury. It emerges that treatment with three transcription factors can re-endow neurons in the mature eye with youthful characteristics and the capacity to regenerate.

#science #health

How modern mathematics emerged from a lost Islamic library

Founded as a private collection for caliph Harun Al-Rashid in the late 8th Century then converted to a public academy some 30 years later, the House of Wisdom appears to have pulled scientists from all over the world towards Baghdad, drawn as they were by the city’s vibrant intellectual curiosity and freedom of expression (Muslim, Jewish and Christian scholars were all allowed to study there).

#history #science

The Dec 21, 2020 Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

Whenever there is an astronomical event, everyone seems to want to know how special it is. As noted on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction page, conjunctions between these two planets occur regularly, and are spaced out by about 20 years and so always seem rather rare. But it is fair to say that this conjunction is truly exceptional in that the planets get very close to one another. In the three thousand year interval from 0 CE to 3000 CE, only seven Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions were/will be closer than this one. Two of those (in 769 CE and 1623 CE) were too close to the Sun for Saturn to be seen without a telescope, and even Jupiter would have been difficult or impossible to detect from most locations with the naked eye for these events. If you are looking for a positive spin, the last time the two planets appeared this close to one another in the sky and were observable (i.e. not in the Sun's glare) was on the morning of March 4, 1226! That was back in the Middle Ages, when the Notre Dame Cathedral was first being built. For this conjunction, both planets will be visible in the same field of view in most small telescopes, along with some of Jupiter's and Saturn's moons (see image below). In fact, they will be so close it may be a challenge to separate them with the unaided eye for some people.

#space #nature

The Complete Guide to Effective Reading - Maarten van Doorn

In this article: breakdown how to win the battle and the war — how to avoid these traps and organize your reading habit for a maximal Return On Investment (ROI) on reading hours.

#learning #education #longread

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