ReHacked #32: [WARNING: a lot of content ahead!] very long digest with lots of news :)

ReHacked #32: [WARNING: a lot of content ahead!] very long digest with lots of news :)
Mordor… The whole scene captured as a panorama with a drone. Iurie Belegurschi

Hello my dear subscribers and readers! In today’s issue you will find various news starting from recent Iceland eruption, stuck ship in Suez channel, newly found particle which destroys Standart theory, also some news related to economy, politics and advise on how to negotiate your salary. Enjoy!

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The red-hot housing market has achieved a number of milestones this past year. Perhaps the most telling is this: There are more real-estate agents than homes for sale in the U.S.

This phenomenon reflects both the extremely tight supply of homes on the market and how surging prices are persuading tens of thousands more Americans to try their hands at selling real estate. #economy

The justices declined to hear Facebook’s appeal of a lower court ruling that revived the proposed nationwide litigation accusing the company of violating a federal law called the Wiretap Act by secretly tracking the visits of users to websites that use Facebook features such as the “like” button.

The litigation also accuses the company of violating the privacy rights of its users under California law but Facebook’s appeal to the Supreme Court involved only the Wiretap Act. #privacy

It finally happened. Every year we’ve seen it on the news: another  volcano in Iceland was going to erupt. The truth is: Iceland has so many  volcanoes and there is more than one overdue. But this year we could  feel an eruption was getting closer.

The current volcano eruption started on March 19th and is situated in the Rekjanes peninsula, in Geldingadalur, about 20 miles (32km) away from the capital city of Reykjavík. The last time this peninsula erupted was 800 years ago. It’s an eruption with relatively low danger as it’s far from civilization. The volcano is also not super aggressive, so it’s relatively easy to get closer for spectacular photos. #nature

Will Spain's Four-Day Work Week Work? #economy

It wasn’t long after her company switched to a four-day workweek that Pilar Meseguer began noticing the benefits. Absenteeism fell nearly 30% at Delsol, the software firm in southern Spain where Meseguer is deputy director, and satisfaction rates among both her co-workers and their customers rose. But there were also some smaller, more personal gains. “I could go to the supermarket on Friday instead of Saturday when it’s packed with people,” Meseguer says. “It’s a simple thing, but it makes a big difference.”

Microsoft Corp. is in talks to acquire Discord Inc., a video-game chat community, for more than $10 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

Discord has been talking to potential buyers and software giant Microsoft is in the running, but no deal is imminent, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the discussions are private. Discord is more likely to go public than sell itself, one person said. Representatives for Microsoft and Discord declined to comment. VentureBeat reported earlier on Monday that Discord was engaged in sales talks. #software #economy

0 A.D. | A free, open-source game of ancient warfare #fun

0 A.D. is a free, open-source, historical Real Time Strategy (RTS) game currently under development by Wildfire Games, a global group of volunteer game developers. As the leader of an ancient civilization, you must gather the resources you need to raise a military force and dominate your enemies.

Machine finds tantalising hints of new physics #science #physics #nature

The findings emerged from data collected by researchers working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It's a giant machine built in a 27km-long circular tunnel underneath the French-Swiss border. It smashes together beams of proton particles to probe the limits of physics as we know it.

The mystery behaviour by the beauty quark may be the result of an as-yet undiscovered sub-atomic particle that is exerting a force.

Letterlocking #security #history

Letterlocking is the act of folding and securing a written message which could be on papyrus, parchment, or paper, so that it does not require an envelope or additional enclosure. It is a document security tradition which utilizes folding and cutting.

John Scott-Railton on Twitter: "So, the #SuezCanal is blocked... Massive container ship EVER GIVEN stuck in the most awkward way possible. Ongoing for hours. Every tug Egypt could spare appear to be trying to pull it free. Vessel tracker:" #economy

Akira Kurosawa's List of His 100 Favorite Movies #culture

Top Saudi official issued death threat against UN's Khashoggi investigator #politics #journalism

A senior Saudi official issued what was perceived to be a death threat against the independent United Nations investigator, Agnès Callamard, after her investigation into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In an interview with the Guardian, the outgoing special rapporteur for extrajudicial killings said that a UN colleague alerted her in January 2020 that a senior Saudi official had twice threatened in a meeting with other senior UN officials in Geneva that month to have Callamard “taken care of” if she was not reined in by the UN.

Salary Negotiation: How much to ask for #career

We’re told that whoever mentions a number first in a salary negotiation loses. When employers also demand to know our current salary, that just makes matters worse. So what are we supposed to do in a job interview when this comes up? How do we know how much to ask for and when to do it?

Intel's new chief executive has told the BBC it is not "palatable" that so many computer chips are made in Asia.

The majority of processors are currently manufactured in the region, with Taiwan's TSMC and South Korea's Samsung the dominant players.

US-based Intel plans to set up a new division to make chips for other companies based on their own designs. #hardware #economy

Closing web browser windows doesn't close connections #privacy #security

Months ago I noticed something strange in the Little Snitch Network Monitor: Safari was still connecting to web sites after every window had been closed. At the time, I thought this was just a Safari bug. I brought the issue to the attention of some Safari engineers, who I had hoped would look into it. Since then, Safari has seen several software updates, and recently I remembered to check again to see whether the issue was resolved. Unfortunately I could still reproduce it, so I decided to investigate further. To my horror, I discovered that Chrome and Firefox were doing it too. That's too much a coincidence to be a bug, right? Could it be that web browsers are keeping open connections after windows are closed on purpose?

Venus Could Have Been Habitable for Billions of Years #space #nature

“Something happened on Venus where a huge amount of gas was released into the atmosphere and couldn’t be re-absorbed by the rocks,” Way says. “On Earth we have some examples of large-scale outgassing, for instance the creation of the Siberian Traps 500 million years ago which is linked to a mass extinction, but nothing on this scale. It completely transformed Venus.”

There are still some big questions about whether Venus was habitable. First, researchers need to learn more about how quickly Venus cooled off after its formation. It’s possible that it never cooled down enough for liquid water to form. It’s also unknown whether the event that reshaped the planet was one mega-cataclysm or if it was a series of smaller events over billions of years that gradually turned Venus into what it is today.

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