ReHacked #31: mix of fun, serious and interesting things this Monday.

ReHacked #31: mix of fun, serious and interesting things this Monday.
Futurama opening quote

Hello my reader! This wonderful Monday morning we will start from couple pro memoria, then the fun part will start wit all Futurama openings and Civilization game made in Excel. Further added a couple of learning resources links, some social networks related news, the biggest photo of the Milky Way and the new capital of Egypt. Also don’t forget to share, subscribe (if not yet) and leave a comment. Thanks. Enjoy!

Sabine Schmitz, Queen Of The Nürburgring, Is Dead At 51 #promemoria

Schmitz literally grew up inside the famous track, as her parents ran a restaurant in the basement of the Hotel am Tiergarten, which is within the Nordschleife loop. Schmitz trained as a hotelier and sommelier, but after a first drive around the track at 15, she soon realized she was destined to be a racer, and drove the track, by her estimation, over 30,000 times.

Boston Marathon icon Dick Hoyt, who pushed son in wheelchair for 32 races, dies #promemoria

Dick Hoyt, the Boston Marathon icon who pushed his son Rick Hoyt in a wheelchair at the race for decades, has died at age 80.

News of Dick Hoyt's death was announced by the Boston Athletic Association on Wednesday. "We are tremendously saddened to learn of the passing of Boston Marathon icon Dick Hoyt. Dick personified what it means to be a Boston Marathoner, finishing 32 races with son Rick. We are keeping his many family & friends in our prayers," the organization said in a tweet.

All Futurama Opening Quotes #fun

Civilization game in Excel #fun

Astro Anarchy: Milky Way, 12 years, 1250 hours of exposures and 125 x 22 degrees of sky #space #nature

It took nearly twelve years to collect enough data for this high resolution gigapixel class mosaic image of the Milky Way.  Total exposure time used is around 1250 hours between 2009 and 2021.

Egypt prepares to start move to new capital, away from the chaos of Cairo #economy

Egypt is racing to prepare a grandiose new capital city in the desert east of Cairo before the first civil servants move in this summer and ahead of the delayed official opening of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s flagship project.

Spain passes law allowing euthanasia #health #society

Spain has passed a law to legalise euthanasia, becoming the fourth country in Europe to allow people to end their own life in some circumstances.

Spain's lower house of parliament approved the law with support from centre and left-wing parties on Thursday.

The law allows adults with "serious and incurable" diseases that cause "unbearable suffering" to choose to end their lives.

It is expected to take effect in June.

Young female Japanese biker is really 50-year-old man with luscious hair using FaceApp #internet

Young female Japanese biker is really 50-year-old man with luscious hair using FaceApp

Can't trust everything you see online these days.

A hacker's guide to numerical analysis #datascience #learning

This Epic New Hiking Trail Connects National Forests in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania #nature

Here's one to file away for the bucket list: a new 1,300-mile hiking trail that cuts through several national forests, connecting the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. From Lithuanian-Polish border to Tallinn.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy #science #culture

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