ReHacked #22: Microsoft’s Big Win in Quantum Computing Was an ‘Error’; declassified Soviet spacecrafts and more

ReHacked #22: Microsoft’s Big Win in Quantum Computing Was an ‘Error’; declassified Soviet spacecrafts and more
Image courtesy: Frontiers in marine science


in today’s news: life below the Antarctic ice, declassified Soviet spacecrafts, filthiness of the music industry and more. Enjoy!

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Microsoft’s Big Win in Quantum Computing Was an ‘Error’ After All #science #nature

Microsoft’s 2018 physics fillip has fizzled. Late last month, Kouwenhoven and his 21 coauthors released a new paper including more data from their experiments. It concludes that they did not find the prized particle after all. An attached note from the authors said the original paper, in the prestigious journal Nature, would be retracted, citing “technical errors.”

The First Recorded Hard Substrate Sessile Benthic Community Far Beneath an Antarctic Ice Shelf #nature #science

The fauna associated with the boulder can be categorized into three main types of suspension feeders: a stalked sponge, non-stalked sponges, and unidentifiable stalked taxa (possible sponges, ascidians, hydroids, barnacles, cnidarian, or polychetes). It is also possible that the stalked sponge and/or stalked taxa might be carnivorous sponges, similar to Cladorhizidae. Only one confirmed stalked sponge (Figure 3E) was observed at a length of approximately 8.9 cm; 15 non-stalked sponges were observed around the edges of the boulder, the largest of which was 6.64 cm wide by 4 cm tall.

'New Car Smell' Is The Scent of Carcinogens #health

The researchers predicted that commuters' daily exposure to two out of five chemicals studied - benzene and formaldehyde - would probably exceed levels considered safe or allowable by Californian health authorities after 20 minutes. The likelihood continued to rise the longer a person's commute.

The two chemicals of concern are not huge unknowns, but certainly warrant attention. Benzene is found in rubber and dyes, and formaldehyde is used in carpets and paints, and both are included on California's Proposition 65 lengthy carcinogen list. What's new here is looking at the risk these chemicals may pose to drivers specifically.

Global cell tower distribution (interactive map). #technology

Singer Glenn Medeiros: 'Sexual favours were the norm in music industry' #culture #society

Singer Glenn Medeiros has revealed how he and other artists were often asked for sex by music industry figures in return for help with their careers.

Medeiros, who found fame with Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You in 1988, said he turned down "many offers" for sexual relationships but others agreed.

Declassified spacecrafts and orbital weapons of the USSR – Russia #technology #space #history

Buying a Tesla in Bitcoins cancels 4 times the CO2 savings for its whole lifetime #technology #blockchain

This is how insanely bad Bitcoin is for the environment : If you buy a Tesla car (around 40 000 $) in Bitcoins, the impact of the mining of those bitcoins is around 80 tons of CO2. This is 4 times more than the saving of CO2 you can expect from this car (compared to a gasoline one) on its entire lifetime (around -20 tons).

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