ReHacked #23: a lot of Mars landing, some copyrights and longread on Anglosax history.

ReHacked #23: a lot of Mars landing, some copyrights and longread on Anglosax history.
Mt Etna on 16th Feb 2021, by Risingmagpie


in today’s news: Mars, Mars, Mars - the 2nd planet where more computers running Linux than Windows and some more. Enjoy!

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NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars! (video) #science #space #technology

And some photos: Mars landing: Photo shows Perseverance about to touch down

How NASA Designed a Helicopter That Could Fly Autonomously on Mars (more about new Mars rover) #space #technology #longread

The Perseverance rover's Mars Helicopter (Ingenuity) will take off, navigate, and land on Mars without human intervention

Sci-Hub: Elsevier and Springer Nature Obtain UK ISP Blocking Order #copyrights

Major UK ISP TalkTalk is reporting that in response to an order from a court in the UK, it is now required to block subscriber access to Sci-Hub. The injunction is reportedly the result of an application by academic publishers Elsevier and Springer Nature, who have teamed up in other regions to block access to 'The Pirate Bay of Science'.

Despite being branded ‘The Pirate Bay of Science’ for offering free access to millions of otherwise paywalled research papers, Sci-Hub is somewhat of an outlier in the piracy scene.

While sites like The Pirate Bay receive almost universal condemnation outside of piracy circles, Sci-Hub regularly receives praise from academics. Since the ultimate goal is to further knowledge and education, including among those who can least afford it, Sci-Hub is often considered to be doing valuable work.

Uber Shuts Down App That Told Drivers If Uber Underpaid Them #copyrights #economy

Uber has forced Google to remove a tool that helped drivers figure out if Uber underpaid them.

The creator of the Chrome extension ‘UberCheats’ Armin Samii said Uber claimed it violated its trademark. “Uber filed a false trademark claim against UberCheats, so it's been taken off the Chrome app store,” he said on Twitter. “They claim that people might confuse it for an actual Uber product.”

Who did the Anglo-Saxons think they were? - Current Archaeology #history #longread

In English history, the years AD 410-1066 are traditionally called the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ period. How far is this an appropriate description, and how far can that name also be applied to the inhabitants of early medieval England? More pertinently, how did these people view themselves? John Hines explores the evidence.

Draw an iceberg and see how it floats. #fun

NASA has Decided to Start Building the Lunar Gateway Using the Falcon Heavy #space #technology

In October of 2024, NASA will send “the first woman and the next man” to the Moon as part of the Artemis Program. This will be the first crewed mission to the lunar surface, and the first mission beyond Low Earth Orbit (LEO), since the closing of the Apollo Era in 1972. Beyond that, NASA plans to establish infrastructure on and around the Moon that will allow for “sustained lunar exploration and development.”

Web-based Turbo Pascal compiler. #programming

This is a web-based Pascal compiler that runs a subset of Turbo Pascal 5.5 code.

Scientists Achieve Real-Time Communication With Lucid Dreamers in Breakthrough #science #biology

An international team of researchers was able to achieve real-time dialogues with people in the midst of lucid dreams, a phenomenon that is called “interactive dreaming,” according to a study published on Thursday in Current Biology.

Reconstructing the Menu of a Pub in Ancient Pompeii #history #longread

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