ReHacked #136: OneWeb agrees satellite programme with SpaceX, Stop funding the war #StandingWithUkraine, James Webb telescope: first images better than expected and more

ReHacked #136: OneWeb agrees satellite programme with SpaceX, Stop funding the war #StandingWithUkraine, James Webb telescope: first images better than expected and more
Prague street art in support of Ukraine. Photo: Facebook / ChemiS

Donate to support the Ukrainian Red Cross to help civilians in this difficult time for Ukraine! – Товариство Червоного Хреста України

If the situation in Ukraine gets worse, volunteers and staff of the Ukrainian Red Cross would provide first aid in areas where access to medical services will be limited; сommunication will be established and awareness of health risks will be raised. And, of course, we will provide humanitarian aid to all people in need.

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James Webb telescope: first images better than expected #space #science #nature

Images of a very “boring” star are making waves across the astronomical world today – they are the first sent back from NASA’s James Webb telescope, and they have exceeded all hopes and expectations.

Having completed the self-assembly of its 18-segmented main mirror, the telescope has now taken exceptional images of an unexceptional star as a test of its capabilities. The star, known as HD84406, is 100 times fainter than what can be seen with the human eye. The star itself is of little interest, lovely though its image is – instead, astronomers are captivated by the spray of tiny dots scattered across the background. Each is a distant galaxy, and this is the first time we’ve ever been able to capture them.

OneWeb agrees satellite programme with SpaceX #economy #space

OneWeb, the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company, announced today that the company and SpaceX entered into an agreement that will enable OneWeb to resume satellite launches.

The first launch with SpaceX is anticipated in 2022 and will add to OneWeb’s total in-orbit constellation that currently stands at 428 satellites, or 66 percent of the fleet. OneWeb's network will deliver high-speed, low-latency global connectivity.

Stop funding the war #economy #war

The amount wired by Germany to Russia for natural gas since the beginning of war in Ukraine

140M € per day

China Eastern flight MU5735 crashes near Wuzhou | International Flight Network #aviation

A China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 operating flight MU5735 from Kunming to Guangzhou has crashed near Wuzhou in the Guangxi region in Southern China. According to reports by Chinese state media, 132 people were on board the passenger aircraft and rescue services have been dispatched to the supposed crash site. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) confirmed the crash, saying there were nine crew members and 123 passengers on board the flight.

Data from flight tracking services indicate that the aircraft descended at a rate of more than 30,000 feet per minute before disappearing at 2:22 PM local time. Videos circulating on the internet show the Boeing 737 was completely destroyed on impact, which caused a large fire in the surrounding area. Pictures from the crash site show it impacted a small valley in mountainous and forestry terrain. It is not yet confirmed whether there are any survivors, but the footage indicates it is highly unlikely.

On Tolkien and Orwell – Darcy Moore #culture #literature #history

Orwell claimed in 1940 that:

“Outside my work the thing I care most about is gardening, especially vegetable gardening. I like English cookery and English beer, French red wines, Spanish white wines, Indian tea, strong tobacco, coal fires, candle light and comfortable chairs. I dislike big towns, noise, motor cars, the radio, tinned food, central heating and “modern” furniture.”

Tolkien told a correspondent towards the end of his life:

“I am in fact a Hobbit in all but size. I like gardens, trees, and unmechanised farmlands; I smoke a pipe, and like good plain food (unrefrigerated), but detest French cooking; I like, and even dare to wear in these dull days, ornamental waistcoats. I am fond of mushrooms (out of a field); have a very simple sense of humour (which even my appreciative critics find tiresome); I go to bed late and get up late (when possible).”

Meet the Foreign Fighters Risking Their Lives in Ukraine | Time #war

On a chilly Thursday morning, Povilas Limontas stood outside the gates of the Ukrainian embassy in Vilnius, waiting for someone to notice him. In his knapsack were a handful of documents and his old beret: proof that he had once served in the Lithuanian military. It took about 15 minutes, but finally, someone from inside the embassy came out, and opened the gate. Half an hour later, the 24-year-old bartender from Kaunas, Lithuania had a document with a QR code and instructions on where along the Polish border he should show up. He was registered to go fight against Russian troops in their bloody war on Ukraine. “I have the fitness, the youth, and the training—it would be selfish of me not to use it,” he says. “If rockets are wasted on me instead of some children, I’ll take that deal anytime.”

'Kill more': Facebook fails to detect hate against Rohingya | AP News #internet #socialnetworks

A new report has found that Facebook failed to detect blatant hate speech and calls to violence against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority years after such behavior was found to have played a determining role in the genocide against them.

The report shared exclusively with The Associated Press showed the rights group Global Witness submitted eight paid ads for approval to Facebook, each including different versions of hate speech against Rohingya. All eight ads were approved by Facebook to be published.

The group pulled the ads before they were posted or paid for, but the results confirmed that despite its promises to do better, Facebook’s leaky controls still fail to detect hate speech and calls for violence on its platform.

The Tolkien Estate - the paintings of Tolkien #art #history #literature

Mars helicopter Ingenuity completes 22nd flight - #space #engineering

"The trip lasted 101.4 seconds and Ingenuity got up to 33 feet in the air," NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a tweet Monday. "The team is planning another flight perhaps as early as later this week."

During its first 21 flights, Ingenuity flew a total of 15,247 feet and stayed in the air for nearly 39 minutes, according to a flight log from the mission team.

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