ReHacked #12: learning, productivity and privacy

ReHacked #12: learning, productivity and privacy

Hello everyone and welcome to the 12th issue of ReHacked. If you like what you read, please push this nice Share button below and spread the word to your friends. Thanks a lot in advance for this and now make yourself a good cup of coffee or tea and have a nice read. WARNING: two #longreads ahead!

Splashdown is the new method of cargo return from ISS back to the Earth. #space #technology #engineering

Algorithms for decision making (free e-book) #education

If a discussion will matter after today, don’t have it in a chat room (for the sake of context). #productivity

40 courses, 4 academic years Computer Science curriculum in 1079 YouTube videos. Now, what’s the verdict? Well, it can’t replace the traditional curriculum from the universities, but it can go along with them as your assistance and look from another perspective.

The best thing is that is FREE, easy to access by everyone, and opens many other resources in form of other recommended videos or references in the descriptions. #learning

Now BioNTech's CEO, Ugur Sahin, M.D., PhD, has led new research showing that an mRNA vaccine might also work in multiple sclerosis (MS). #health #science

Signal app fork with WhatsApp data import #software #privacy

It is “no longer acceptable” for social media giants to take key decisions on online content removals alone, following the high profile takedowns of US President Trump’s accounts on Facebook and Twitter, the European Commission has said. #privacy #copyrights #freespeech

All UFO information from the CIA is now declassified and available to download.

And another source with download links.


How Linksys’ most famous router, the WRT54G, tripped into legendary status because of an undocumented feature that slipped through during a merger #technology #history #internet #longread

Pirate Bay Founder Thinks Parler’s Inability to Stay Online Is ‘Embarrassing’ #copyrights #freespeech

Former employees accuse Huawei of discrimination. How massively the company interferes in their private lives and how it keeps its staff in line is revealed by internal documents and convert audio recordings that and the media partners of The Signals Network have analysed.  #privacy #technology #economy #longread

A man was hospitalized after injecting himself with a "tea" he'd made from magic mushrooms and the fungus began to grow in his veins.  #health

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