ReHacked #11: a bunch of space, engineering and privacy-related news this weekend

ReHacked #11: a bunch of space, engineering and privacy-related news this weekend

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A Polar Vortex collapse sequence has begun in late December 2020, with a major Sudden Stratospheric Warming event on January 5th, 2021. We will look at the sequence of these events, and how they can change the weather in Europe and the United States in the coming weeks. #science #nature

The Space Oddity of David Bovie #culture #history

As an alternative to WhatsApp people choose Signal or Telegram #privacy

The nuclear lighthouses built by the Soviets in the Arctic [5 mins video] #history

Mathematical art exhibition 2020 #science

Everything is linear if plotted log-log with a fat magic marker and more Akin’s laws of spacecraft design. #engineering

The US space agency (Nasa) is about to put its latest rover, Perseverance, on Mars. But we shouldn't forget that the existing robot, Curiosity, is still there and working well following its landing in equatorial Gale Crater back in 2012. Curiosity celebrates 3,000 Martian days, or Sols, on the surface of the Red Planet on Tuesday. #space

Why EU Parliament must reject China investment agreement #privacy #security #politics

There was a time, now forgotten, where the expectation was that computers would run on fluid currents rather than electric currents. #technology

On Saturday, ahead of Apple's expected banning from the App Store, people rushed to download Parler's app, making it the most downloaded free app. While people will still be able to use Parler on their iPhones after the App Store ban, the social media company will not be able to distribute updates through Apple's services.

Amazon's move, however, will remove the infrastructure from which Parler operates. #privacy #freespeech

EFF's Response to Social Media Companies' Decisions to Block President Trump’s Accounts

The decisions by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others to suspend and/or block President Trump’s communications via their platforms is a simple exercise of their rights, under the First Amendment and Section 230, to curate their sites. We support those rights. Nevertheless, we are always concerned when platforms take on the role of censors, which is why we continue to call on them to apply a human rights framework to those decisions.

#privacy #freespeech

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read (ToS; DR) - Visual explanation of various terms of services to understand them fast and easy. #privacy #copyrights

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