ReHacked vol. 260: Boom Announces Successful Flight of XB-1 Demonstrator Aircraft, Rediscovering Ikigai, EU cash cap and ban on anonymous crypto payments and more

ReHacked vol. 260: Boom Announces Successful Flight of XB-1 Demonstrator Aircraft, Rediscovering Ikigai, EU cash cap and ban on anonymous crypto payments and more
XB-1 takes off on its inaugural flight. (C) Boom.

EU cash cap and ban on anonymous crypto payments results in financial paternalism – Patrick Breyer #economy #money #privacy

The majority of the EU Parliament’s lead committees today approved far-reaching new anti-money laundering laws: Anonymous cash payments over €3,000 will be banned in commercial transactions. Cash payments over €10,000 will even be completely banned in business transactions. And anonymous payments in cryptocurrencies to wallets operated by providers (hosted wallets) will be prohibited even for minimum amounts without a threshold.

Make a donation - support Ukraine. My favourite: Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine | via National Bank of Ukraine. More options if you want alternatives. Also, very important Come Back Alive Foundation - Charity Organization.

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Core i9 14900KF Breaks World Record, Almost Achieves 9.1GHz | Tom's Hardware #hardware

The overclocking team from Asus has achieved a new CPU frequency world record with Intel's brand-new Raptor Lake Refresh Core i9-14900KF. The team was able to achieve a very impressive 9043.92GHz on a single P-core with liquid helium, breaking the previous world record by 35.1MHz.

China blocks use of Intel and AMD chips in government computers: Report - CNA #hardware

China has introduced guidelines to phase out US microprocessors from Intel and AMD from government personal computers and servers, the Financial Times reported on Sunday (Mar 24).

The procurement guidance also seeks to sideline Microsoft's Windows operating system and foreign-made database software in favour of domestic options, the report said.

The new Windows update made me think I'd installed malware, but it was just Microsoft's latest attempt to try and fool me into using Bing | PC Gamer #software #security #privacy

Microsoft has confirmed the pop-ups are genuine Microsoft adverts, and says they should only appear once. Well, I've seen at least two, and frankly don't trust Redmond on this, because it's just always coming up with new ways to taint the Windows experience.

"This is a one-time notification giving people the choice to set Bing as their default search engine on Chrome," Microsoft comms director Caitlin Roulston told The Verge. Almost unbelievably she frames this as a perk for users, who get some Copilot bonuses if they accept the BingAI prompt, then ends with this magnificently brazen claim: "We value providing our customers with choice, so there is an option to dismiss the notification."

Why isn’t dental health considered primary medical care? | Knowable Magazine #health

The patient’s teeth appeared to be well cared for, but dentist James Mancini did not like the look of his gums. By chance, Mancini knew the man’s physician, so he raised an alert about a potential problem — and a diagnosis soon emerged.

“Actually, Bob had leukemia,” says Mancini, clinical director of the Meadville Dental Center in Pennsylvania. Though he wasn’t tired or having other symptoms, “his mouth was a disaster,” Mancini says. “Once his physician saw that, they were able to get him treated right away.”

Visiting Scarfolk, the Most Spectacular Dystopia of the 1970s | Collectors Weekly #literature #history #longread

Richard Littler had a frightening childhood, too, but as a designer and screenwriter, he turned his memories of life in suburban Britain during the 1970s into a haunting and hilarious blog and book about the fictional dystopian town of Scarfolk. Littler mined the dark side of his childhood to create pamphlets, posters, book covers, album art, audio clips, and television shorts—remnants of life in a paranoid, totalitarian 1970s community, where even babies are not to be trusted.

Boom Announces Successful Flight of XB-1 Demonstrator Aircraft #technology #aviation

Boom announced the successful flight of XB-1, the world’s first independently developed supersonic jet, at the Mojave Air & Space Port in Mojave, California. Like Overture, Boom’s supersonic airliner, XB-1 leverages state-of-the-art technologies to enable efficient supersonic flight including carbon fiber composites, advanced avionics, digitally-optimized aerodynamics, and an advanced supersonic propulsion system.

Rediscovering Ikigai: What We Got Wrong & How to Find Meaning in Life #self-improvement #psychology #longread

Your ikigai can be found in small daily rituals, side projects, and deep conversations. It can be found in moments of silence and idleness, or in moments of creative flow. To find your ikigai, forget about the westernized version and instead follow these principles:

  1. Stop seeking your One True Passion. Many of us think that finding our passion will magically give our life a purpose. Instead, find meaning in your daily experiences and interactions. Explore the world around and inside you. Learn something new everyday, including about yourself. Play with uncertainty instead of chasing the next milestone.
  2. Embrace lifelong learning. The concept of ikigai never mentions being good at what you do. There is joy in being a beginner all over again, learning through mistakes, and growing outside of your comfort zone. Don’t try to be the expert in the room. Keep asking questions. Never stop learning.
  3. Let go of lofty financial goals. Ikigai also doesn’t have anything to do with money. Of course, we all need enough money to live a comfortable life, and money can help explore projects and ideas that bring you pleasure in life, but beyond the point of comfort, financial success should be seen as a potential byproduct of living a meaningful life.
  4. Don’t try to save the world. Instead, focus on the positive impact you can have on your friends, family, colleagues, and community. Ask yourself how you can connect with people in meaningful ways and which changes you want to bring to life. This is how we save the world — when everyone contributes at their own human scale.

Vernor Vinge (1944-2024) - File 770 #promemoria

Vernor Vinge, author of many influential hard science fiction works, died March 20 at the age of 79.

Vinge sold his first science-fiction story in 1964, “Apartness”, which appeared in the June 1965 issue of New Worlds.

In 1971, he received a PhD (Math) from UCSD, and the next year began teaching at San Diego State University. It wasn’t until almost thirty years later, in August 2000, that he retired from teaching to write science-fiction full time.

Astronaut Thomas Stafford, commander of Apollo 10, dies at 93 | AP News #promemoria #space #history

Astronaut Thomas P. Stafford, who commanded a dress rehearsal flight for the 1969 moon landing and the first U.S.-Soviet space linkup, died Monday. He was 93.

Stafford, a retired Air Force three-star general, took part in four space missions. Before Apollo 10, he flew on two Gemini flights, including the first rendezvous of two U.S. capsules in orbit. He died in a hospital near his Space Coast Florida home, said Max Ary, director of the Stafford Air & Space Museum in Weatherford, Oklahoma.

Stafford was one of 24 NASA astronauts who flew to the moon, but he did not land on it. Only seven of them are still alive.

View Nova Explosion, ‘New’ Star in Northern Crown – Watch the Skies #space #nature

A star system, located 3,000 light-years away from Earth, is predicted to become visible to the unaided eye soon. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime viewing opportunity as the nova ouburst only occurs about every 80 years. T Coronae Borealis, or T CrB, last exploded in 1946 and astronomers believe it will do so again between February and September 2024.

Oh, Zot! Nomadic Identity is Coming to ActivityPub - We Distribute #internet

Even if you’ve been a part of the Fediverse for a long time, you’d be excused if you had never heard of Nomadic Identity. Within the confines of Mastodon, it’s a relatively unknown concept. But, for some of us, it’s something of a pipe dream: decentralized identity management with remote access control. On paper, that doesn’t sound too exciting, but it’s a huge concept. Even more exciting: the guy who designed it is bringing it to ActivityPub.

900 Sites, 125 million accounts, 1 vulnerability - #security


  • Firebase allows for easy misconfiguration of security rules with zero warnings
  • This has resulted in hundreds of sites exposing a total of ~125 Million user records, including plaintext passwords & sensitive billing information

CS251 #learning #cs #computerscience

This course is about the rigorous study of computation, which is a fundamental component of our universe, the societies we live in, the new technologies we discover, as well as the minds we use to understand these things. Therefore, having the right language and tools to study computation is important. In this course, we explore some of the central results and questions regarding the nature of computation. [idle] #hardware #fun #history is a public service for dial-up users. It's purpose is to allow users of old, vintage, and outdated hardware to dial in with real modems to real systems.

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