ReHacked vol. 254: Prisoners in the US are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands, Nana Wedding Dress Collection and more

Original image by ©Yazawa Manga Productions/Shueisha, with background edits by Tokyo Weekender

Prisoners in the US are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands | U.S. | EL PAÍS English #slavery

A hidden path to America’s dinner tables begins here, at an unlikely source – a former Southern slave plantation that is now the country’s largest maximum-security prison.

Unmarked trucks packed with prison-raised cattle roll out of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, where men are sentenced to hard labor and forced to work, for pennies an hour or sometimes nothing at all. After rumbling down a country road to an auction house, the cows are bought by a local rancher and then followed by The Associated Press another 600 miles to a Texas slaughterhouse that feeds into the supply chains of giants like McDonald’s, Walmart and Cargill.

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Why Bloat Is Still Software’s Biggest Vulnerability - IEEE Spectrum #software #security

The way we build and ship software these days is mostly ridiculous, leading to apps using millions of lines of code to open a garage door, and other simple programs importing 1,600 external code libraries—dependencies—of unknown provenance. Software security is dire, which is a function both of the quality of the code and the sheer amount of it. Many of us programmers know the current situation is untenable. Many programmers (and their management) sadly haven’t ever experienced anything else. And for the rest of us, we rarely get the time to do a better job.

Detroit's abandoned tunnel systems open door to another world #urbanism #history

Around 100 years ago, the popularity of automobiles resulted in a historic spike in pedestrian deaths. Detroit’s Highland Park neighborhood, which housed close to 50,000 residents in the early 1920s, reported a historic spike in pedestrian fatalities in 1924.

The solution was to build an underground tunnel to direct all pedestrian traffic, similar to the style of underground walkways seen in London and Canada. Three more tunnels were built at the Highland Park intersection in 1925, including one in Midtown at Cass Avenue and Peterboro Street, though no physical remnants of the latter site remain today.

Documented by TikTok user @Colin313 in July 2022, Highland Park’s raised cement underpass can be seen at the corner of Cortland and Second Avenue.

Fighting the smartphone ‘invasion’: the French village that voted to ban scrolling in public | France | The Guardian #society

Seine-Port, in the Seine-et-Marne area south of Paris, with a population of fewer than 2,000 people, last weekend voted yes in a referendum to restrict smartphone use in public, banning adults and children from scrolling on their devices while walking down the street, while sitting with others on a park bench, while in shops, cafes or eating in restaurants and while parents wait for their children in front of the school gates. Those who might check their phone’s map when lost are instead being encouraged to ask for directions.

Reddit beats film industry again, won’t have to reveal pirates’ IP addresses | Ars Technica #copyrights #privacy

Movie companies have lost a third attempt to unmask Reddit users who posted comments discussing piracy. In an order on Wednesday, the US District Court for the Northern District of California rejected movie copyright holders' demand for seven years' worth of "IP address log information" on six Reddit users.

In a motion to compel that was filed last month, movie companies Voltage Holdings and Screen Media Ventures argued that "Reddit users do not have a recognized privacy interest in their IP addresses." But in Wednesday's ruling, US Magistrate Judge Thomas Hixson said, "The Court finds no reason to believe provision of an IP address is not unmasking subject to First Amendment scrutiny."

Stract #internet #search

Stract is an open source search engine where the user has the ability to see exactly what is going on and customize almost everything about their search results. It's a search engine made for hackers and tinkerers just like ourselves. No more searches where some of the terms in the query arent used, and the engine tries to guess what you really meant. You get what you search for.

Meta Will Start Labeling AI-Generated Images On Facebook, Instagram and Threads - Slashdot #ai #internet #socialnetworks

Meta will start detecting and labeling images generated by artificial intelligence from Google and OpenAI's services, among others. According to Reuters, the company will use a set of invisible markers built into the files to help with the identification process.

Doorway effect - Wikipedia #psychology

The 'doorway effect' or ‘location updating effect’ is a replicable psychological phenomenon characterized by short-term memory loss when passing through a doorway or moving from one location to another. We tend to forget items of recent significance immediately after crossing a boundary and often forget what we were thinking about or planning on doing upon entering a different room. Research suggests that this phenomenon occurs both at literal boundaries (e.g., moving from one room to another via a door) and metaphorical boundaries (e.g., imagining traversing a doorway, or even when moving from one desktop window to another on a computer).

Physics for Mathematicians - Introduction | Nicolas James Marks Ford #learning

Pakistan cuts off phone and internet services on election day | TechCrunch #politics #socialnetworks

Pakistan has temporarily suspended mobile phone network and internet services across the country to combat any “possible threats,” a top ministry said, as the South Asian nation commences its national election.

In a statement, Pakistan’s interior ministry said the move was prompted by recent incidents of terrorism in the country. The internet was accessible through wired broadband connections, local journalists posted on X earlier Thursday. But NetBlocks, an independent service that tracks outages, said later that Pakistan had started to block internet services as well.

Sony is erasing digital libraries that were supposed to be accessible “forever” | Ars Technica #copyrights

Funimation, a Sony-owned streaming service for anime, recently announced that subscribers' digital libraries on the platform will be unavailable after April 2. For years, Funimation had been telling subscribers that they could keep streaming these digital copies of purchased movies and shows, but qualifying it: “forever, but there are some restrictions.”

Funimation’s parent company, Sony, bought rival anime streaming service Crunchyroll in 2021. Since then, it was suspected that Sony would merge the offerings together somehow. This week, we learned how, as Funimation announced that its app and website would close on April 2, and Funimation accounts will become Crunchyroll accounts. Most of Funimation’s catalog is already on Crunchyroll, Funimation’s announcement claimed.

FCC Makes AI-Generated Voices in Robocalls Illegal | Federal Communications Commission #privacy

Say Yes to This Nana Wedding Dress Collection #fashion #art

Manga author Ai Yazawa has had our hearts in the palm of her hand ever since she released the cult manga series Nana in 2000. Focusing on female friendships, love and fulfilling one’s dreams in the big city, the poignant story is relatable to this day. Although the Nana manga and anime have been on hiatus since 2009, Yazawa had a comeback of sorts in 2023 with a traveling exhibition of original drawings. There’s still no word of whether the manga story will continue, but there is a hint of a happily-ever-after in the form of a Nana wedding dress collection.

This collaboration between Yazawa (who comes from a fashion design background) and wedding dress brand Lulu Felice was announced in early 2024. The designs are based on two of Yazawa’s works, Nana and Gokinjo Monogatari (known in English as Neighborhood Story).

Microsoft is bringing the Linux sudo command to Windows Server #software #security

Microsoft is bringing the Linux 'sudo' feature to Windows Server 2025, offering a new way for admins to elevate privileges for console applications.

Superuser do, or sudo, is a Linux console program that allows low-privileged users to execute a command with elevated privileges, usually as root.

This command offers increased security in Linux as servers can be used normally under low-privileged accounts while still allowing users to elevate their privileges as needed when running specific commands.

Final Decision on Chromebook Case in Denmark | Welcome to The Privacy Dad's Blog! #privacy

From 1 August 2024 onwards, Danish schools will no longer be allowed to enable Chromebooks and Google platforms to collect students' personal data for processing. Each municipality will need to give an indication of how they will comply to this injunction by 1 March 2024.

For activist Graugaard, the decision comes as a relief. He began his crusade against Chromebooks in school in his home town Elsinor over four years ago. While this week's report makes no reference to Jesper's initiatives, it is clear that this injunction could not have been issued without his tireless and sometimes solitary activism.

Cannabis use linked to anxiety diagnoses, worsened anxiety disorders: Ontario study | #health

Cannabis use may increase the risk of developing a new anxiety disorder or worsen existing anxiety, a large Ontario study suggests.

The study looked at health data of 12 million people between January 2008 and March 2019 and found that 27.5 per cent of people who visited an emergency room for cannabis use developed an anxiety disorder for the first time within three years.

Companies embracing SMS for account logins should be blamed for SIM-swap attacks – Key Discussions #security

Is there a way to stop SIM swap attacks? Yes, it’s simple: Companies SHOULD NOT LET CUSTOMERS LOG IN via SMS, or allow SMS-based password resetting. If SMS 2FA is offered, it must only be if they provide more secure options like Authy or Google Authenticator (and SMS should never serve as a fallback for account recovery).

For many years, people in the industry have invariably said something like: “Well… offering SMS-based authentication is better overall for customer security, because of its convenience (despite its shortcomings) vs other methods” (such as the far-more secure-able use of email for verification). To that I say: “who are YOU to deprive your customers of security?” Defending against targeted attacks must be an integral part of any company’s defense posture. It’s so arrogant to say otherwise, and it boils my blood, it really does. Offering SMS-based logins is a bad idea, and it never had a chance of being a good one.

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