ReHacked vol. 247: 15% of Reddit Content is Corporate Trolls Trying to Manipulate Public Opinion, A Concorde Engine Complete With Afterburner For Sale On eBay, Top 22 Artifacts from Stone Age and more

ReHacked vol. 247: 15% of Reddit Content is Corporate Trolls Trying to Manipulate Public Opinion, A Concorde Engine Complete With Afterburner For Sale On eBay, Top 22 Artifacts from Stone Age and more
Skara Brae, Age: Neolithic period, around 3,200 BCE. CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED.

Ministry of Justice plan to destroy historical wills is ‘insane’, say experts | Society | The Guardian #history #culture

“Sheer vandalism” and “insane”. This is how leading historians on Monday described government plans to destroy millions of historical wills to save on storage costs.

The Ministry of Justice is consulting on digitising and then throwing away about 100m paper originals of the last wills and testaments of British people dating back more than 150 years in an effort to save £4.5m a year.

But Tom Holland, the classical and medieval historian and co-host of The Rest is History podcast, said the proposal to empty shelves at the Birmingham archive was “obviously insane”. Sir Richard Evans, historian of modern Germany and modern Europe, said “to destroy the original documents is just sheer vandalism in the name of bureaucratic efficiency”.

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Explore the gallery of North America: Portrait of a Continent #interesting #maps

The Pontiac Aztek Was Not A Design Tragedy, It Was A Corporate Tragedy. - The Autopian #design #automotive

Car design is a whole process, from conception to production. It isn’t just about creating the exterior appearance of a vehicle — that’s the glamorous rock-n-roll part that captures the imagination and leads to turtle-necked think pieces in glossy magazines. The mundane reality is that after the flashy sketches are done and the clay models start being milled

Apple allows applications to track user locations without authorization | Yingyu’s Blog #privacy

Apple asserts itself as a champion of user privacy; however, this claim will be proven untrue in this article. For almost a decade, Apple allowed apps had the capability to track users’ locations without affording them the option to disable this feature or even raising awareness about it. And this is “ONLY APPLE CAN DO”!

There’s A Concorde Engine Complete With Afterburner For Sale On eBay #engineering #aviation #history #interesting

A turbo-jet engine formerly operated on a British Airways (BA) Concorde is on sale to the general public. Complete with an afterburner, the nearly 50-year-old engine is being sold for over $700,000.

The aircraft, once powered by the turbo engine, can be visited at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington. It is one of three Concorde aircraft that remain intact, preserving the history of the iconic supersonic jet.

New Study: At Least 15% of All Reddit Content is Corporate Trolls Trying to Manipulate Public Opinion #internet #socialnetworks

The rise of social media has brought about a new battleground for the spread of misinformation, manipulation of public opinion, and promotion of products and services. Reddit, one of the most popular social media platforms, has not been immune to this phenomenon.

Two significant studies, the Pew Research Center study conducted in 2018 and the Computers in Human Behavior study published in 2020, have shed light on the prevalence and impact of corporate trolls on Reddit.

Top 22 artifacts from the Stone Age #history #longread

Sullivan & Marks graphics demo reel 1978 - YouTube #video #graphics #fun

NASA's Webb Rings in the Holidays with the Ringed Planet Uranus | Webb #space #nature #science

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope recently trained its sights on unusual and enigmatic Uranus, an ice giant that spins on its side. Webb captured this dynamic world with rings, moons, storms, and other atmospheric features – including a seasonal polar cap. The image expands upon a two-color version released earlier this year, adding additional wavelength coverage for a more detailed look.

With its exquisite sensitivity, Webb captured Uranus’ dim inner and outer rings, including the elusive Zeta ring – the extremely faint and diffuse ring closest to the planet. It also imaged many of the planet’s 27 known moons, even seeing some small moons within the rings.

YouTube is the final place to watch unbiased news in India. Can it last? - Rest of World #information #journalism

On November 30, 2022, Ravish Kumar, one of India’s best-known journalists, picked out a navy-blue suit to wear on the defining broadcast of his career. Based in Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, Kumar had worked for cable news channel NDTV for 27 years, becoming a senior executive editor and anchoring some of its flagship shows. He was a household name. And he was about to publicly announce his resignation.

It had been a difficult year for Kumar. His elderly mother was unwell, thousands of kilometers away in the state of Bihar. Death threats had been pouring in on his personal phone from supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who took issue with his political coverage. And now, NDTV was facing a hostile takeover by the family of an oligarch known for his decades-long friendship with the prime minister.

The Tree of Life #history #nature

Visual introductions to the core ideas of derivatives, integrals, limits and more #learning

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