ReHacked vol. 245: “If buying isn’t owning, piracy isn’t stealing”, Nuclear Reactor Simulator, The Life and Legacy of Feminist Activist Noe Ito and more

ReHacked vol. 245: “If buying isn’t owning, piracy isn’t stealing”, Nuclear Reactor Simulator, The Life and Legacy of Feminist Activist Noe Ito and more
Ito Noe, Japanese anarchist and feminist. (C) Opendomain.

The Life and Legacy of Feminist Activist Noe Ito | Tokyo Weekender #history #feminism #orientalism

Born in 1895, Noe Ito was raised in a small fishing village, not too far from Fukuoka. As a teenager, she convinced a wealthy uncle to fund her education in Tokyo, where she attended Ueno Girls High School. It was during this period of her life that Ito was first exposed to the literature and progressive ideals espoused in the modern writing of both Western and Japanese authors. This would then precipitate a close relationship with her high-school English teacher, a man named Jun Tsuji. Her parents, however, had different ideas for her future. As a condition of her continuing her education, a marriage was arranged between Ito and an older man named Fukutaro Suematsu during her second year of high school.

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Pluralistic: “If buying isn’t owning, piracy isn’t stealing” (08 Dec 2023) – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow #copyrights

Noah's Market — Hanukkah of Data #datascience #fun

Greedflation: corporate profiteering ‘significantly’ boosted global prices, study shows | Inflation | The Guardian #economy

Profiteering has played a significant role in boosting inflation during 2022, according to a report that calls for a global corporation tax to curb excess profits.

Analysis of the financial accounts of many of the UK’s biggest businesses found that profits far outpaced increases in costs, helping to push up inflation last year to levels not seen since the early 1980s.

The report from the IPPR and Common Wealth thinktanks found that business profits rose by 30% among UK-listed firms, driven by just 11% of firms that made super-profits based on their ability to push through stellar price increases – often dubbed greedflation.

The World Depends on 60-Year-Old Code No One Knows Anymore | PCMag #software #history

Every day, 3 trillion dollars worth of transactions are handled by a 64-year-old programming language that hardly anybody knows anymore.

It's called COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language), and despite the fact that most schools and universities stopped teaching it decades ago, it remains one of the top mainframe programming languages used today, especially in industries like banking, automotive, insurance, government, healthcare, and finance. According to the International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Communication and Technology (IJARSCT), 43 percent of all banking systems are still using COBOL, which handles those $3 trillion daily transactions, including 95 percent of all ATM activity in the US, and 80 percent of all in-person credit card transactions.

Nuclear Reactor Simulator #fun

The Time Julius Caesar Was Captured by Pirates | Britannica #history

In 75 BCE a band of Cilician pirates in the Aegean Sea captured a 25-year-old Roman nobleman named Julius Caesar, who had been on his way to study oratory in Rhodes. As the story is related in Plutarch’s Parallel Lives, the capture was a minor inconvenience for Caesar but very bad luck for the pirates.

From the start, Caesar simply refused to behave like a captive. When the pirates told him that they had set his ransom at the sum of 20 talents, he laughed at them for not knowing who it was they had captured and suggested that 50 talents would be a more appropriate amount. He then sent his entourage out to gather the money and settled in for a period of captivity. The pirates must have been dumbfounded. It’s not every day that a hostage negotiates his ransom up.

Cherie Carter-Scott #psychology

A few decades ago, Chérie Carter-Scott devised a list of 10 Rules for Being Human, which was published in her 1998 book If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules. These rules are often presented on social media as being “handed down from ancient Sanskrit” but their more recent origin shouldn’t keep us from learning what we can from them.

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