ReHacked vol. 223: Japanese Women of the Arts: Nodoka Odawara, How to Learn Better, WordCamp Dhaka 2023 Cancelled Due to Concerns of Corporate Influence and more

ReHacked vol. 223: Japanese Women of the Arts: Nodoka Odawara, How to Learn Better, WordCamp Dhaka 2023 Cancelled Due to Concerns of Corporate Influence and more
Panhard CD Prototype LM64-02. Image from

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The last Panhard to race in Le Mans is an aerodynamic piece of art | Classic Driver Magazine #history

Air-cooled, 702cc, two-stroke boxer engines provided the motive power and four of the cars were entered for Le Mans but only three made it to the grid , one of which crashed-out while a second was forced to retire with engine trouble. The third car, however, finished an impressive 16th overall,  won its class  on the ‘performance index’ basis  and came third in the ‘efficiency’ category, completing the race at an average fuel consumption of 11.4 litres per 100 km for an average speed of 142 kmh.

Tokyo Vinyl Culture and Where to Enjoy It | Tokyo Weekender #music #art #vinyl

Since 1989, this little label- and genre-defying basement venue in the Hachioji suburbs has been a go-to place for music lovers and DJs. Shelter (stylized as SheLTeR) owner Yoshio Nojima equipped it with top-of-the-line gear including a Bozak mixer and JBL speakers, and then personally installed a kludge of foam and cardboard dampeners to achieve his preferred acoustics. The shop even has an original anti-static LP cleaning fluid developed to avoid any groove-clogging residues. And yet for all that seriousness about sound quality, the atmosphere is low-key, friendly and welcoming to regulars and casual visitors alike. Nearly every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday finds live DJs spinning from diverse genres into the wee hours of the morning.

Japanese Women of the Arts: Nodoka Odawara | Tokyo Weekender #culture #art

Nodoka Odawara is a Miyagi-born sculptor, scholar and critic researching how Japan’s art intersects with its historical narratives. She explores places and their pasts, creating work that examines issues such as state power, public expression, war and gender. At the 2019 Aichi Triennale, she drew attention with an exhibition about a 5-meter arrow that marked the epicenter of the Nagasaki atomic bombing. She earned a doctorate from the University of Tsukuba, and this autumn she will hold a solo show at the Tsunagi Art Museum in Kumamoto Prefecture.

How to Learn Better in the Digital Age #learning #science #neurobiology

Learning must be effortful

Unfortunately for us, human memory does not resemble storage, and “passive accumulation” isn’t how learning happens.

The truth is that we retain information only when we put serious effort into the process of learning. The intrinsic effortfulness of learning is not just a byproduct of the core activity, like shortness of breath during running. On the contrary: it’s what actually enables it. The relationship is causal.

WordCamp Dhaka 2023 Cancelled Due to Concerns of Corporate Influence on Community Decision-Making – WP Tavern #software #internet

WordCamp Dhaka (Bangladesh) 2023 has been cancelled by The WordPress Community Team due to concerns of corporate influence on the community decision-making process. The camp was scheduled for August 5, and organizers had already secured a venue and progressed on moving the camp forward.

France passes bill to allow police remotely activate phone camera, microphone, spy on people #privacy

A bill that would allow police in France to spy on suspects by remotely activating cameras, microphone including GPS of their phones has been passed.

Firefox 115 can silently remotely disable my extension on any site #software #censorship

How Coders Can Survive—and Thrive—in a ChatGPT World - IEEE Spectrum #career  #ai


  1. Stick to Basics and Best Practices
  2. Find the Tool That Fits Your Needs
  3. Clear and Precise Conversations Are Key
  4. Be Critical and Understand the Risks

Easily run Windows software on Linux with Bottles! ⋅ Bottles #software

Run Windows in a Bottle

Easily run Windows software on Linux with Bottles!

We are wasting up to 20% of our time on computer problems, says study #technology #work

In fact, so much that on average, we waste 11%–20% of our time in front of our computers on systems that do not work or that are so difficult to understand that we cannot perform the task we want to. And this is far from being good enough, says Professor Kasper Hornbæk, one of the researchers behind the study.

"It's incredible that the figure is so high. However, most people experience frustration when using computers and can tell a horror story about an important PowerPoint presentation that was not saved or a system that crashed at a critical moment. Everyone knows that it is difficult to create IT systems that match people's needs, but the figure should be much lower, and one thing that it shows is that ordinary people aren't involved enough when the systems are developed," he says.

Self-Driving Cars Are Surveillance Cameras on Wheels - Schneier on Security #privacy

While security cameras are commonplace in American cities, self-driving cars represent a new level of access for law enforcement ­ and a new method for encroachment on privacy, advocates say. Crisscrossing the city on their routes, self-driving cars capture a wider swath of footage. And it’s easier for law enforcement to turn to one company with a large repository of videos and a dedicated response team than to reach out to all the businesses in a neighborhood with security systems.

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