ReHacked vol. 210: UK airport scraps 100ml liquid rule with scanners, Twitter won’t allow retweeting tweets linking to Substack and more

It is not AI that will end up stealing your job, it will be stolen by people that have learnt to use AI to become more productive. --someone on the internet

ReHacked vol. 210: UK airport scraps 100ml liquid rule with scanners, Twitter won’t allow retweeting tweets linking to Substack and more
The ELVE that appeared for just a few milliseconds over Italy. (C) Valter Binotto.

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Elon has asked me to "please tell people on Twitter that you are an investor in the company trying to kill Twitter," so for anyone who didn't already know, Substack is a YC company.

Iran installs cameras in public places to identify, penalise unveiled women | Reuters #society #privacy

In a further attempt to rein in the increasing number of women defying Iran's compulsory dress code, authorities are installing cameras in public places and thoroughfares to identify and penalise unveiled women, the police announced on Saturday.

After they have been identified, violators will receive “warning text messages as to the consequences”, police said in a statement.

The move is aimed at “preventing resistance against the hijab law,” said the statement, carried by the judiciary’s Mizan news agency and other state media, adding that such resistance tarnishes Iran's spiritual image and spreads insecurity.

The dumb reason Twitter won’t allow retweeting tweets linking to Substack | Ars Technica #internet

Twitter users on Friday began noticing that they could not retweet or reply to tweets containing links to the domain. This behavior seems to have started less than 48 hours after the popular newsletter platform announced a new product called Notes that will compete directly with Twitter.

For example, this tweet references my newsletter, When I try to retweet it, it gives me an error message saying, "Some actions on this tweet have been disabled by Twitter." If I try to reply to the same tweet, I get an error message saying, "Something went wrong, but don't fret—let's give it another shot." Even liking isn't allowed.

Tatjana van Vark - The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum #engineering #interesting

Tatjana Joëlle van Vark, of the Netherlands, has focused her work on subjects that are not typically approached by the ordinary craftsman. When describing her projects, it’s hard to decide where to begin. However varied her creations may be, one thing can be certain—the craftsmanship and attention to detail in each piece is unmistakeable. Most of Tatjana’s creations have complexities that go far beyond surface appearances. The superb craftsmanship is almost a necessity because of the intricate nature of these objects.

Dildos not drones: Ukrainians hack Russian fighter’s account and buy $25k worth of sex toys – POLITICO #war #nsfw

Ukrainian activists say they hacked the online shopping account of a Russian military volunteer who has been buying drones for Moscow’s forces — and splashed the cash on sex toys.

The group Kiber Sprotyv (Cyber Resistance) said they targeted the AliExpress account of Mikhail Luchin — a friend of pro-Russian military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky (aka Maxim Fomin), who was killed in a St. Petersburg café explosion on Sunday. Luchin has been collecting money to buy drones for Russian troops to use in Ukraine.

Illustrations of ‘Unseen’ Japanese Maintenance Trains that Only Work at Night | Spoon & Tamago #history #engineering #art

In a series of stunningly realistic illustrations, 74-year old artist Masami Onishi has recreated these trains in accurate detail. And if these illustrations seem nostalgic of familiar in any way, it’s probably because you’ve come across Japanese toy maker Tamiya’s vintage toy boxes.

At the age of 21, Onishi began working for Japanese toy-maker Tamiya and became the company’s first in-house illustrator. For over 10 years he was responsible for creating all the illustrations of the toys on their boxes before becoming a freelance artist in 1978.

The illustrations of trains seen here are part of Project Toei, an initiative from the The Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation to highlight various aspects of the city’s incredible infrastructure.

Tesla workers shared images from car cameras, including “scenes of intimacy” | Ars Technica #privacy

From 2019 to at least mid-2022, Tesla employees used an internal messaging system to share "sometimes highly invasive videos and images recorded by customers' car cameras," according to a lengthy Reuters report based on interviews with nine former Tesla employees.

Although Tesla says its in-car cameras are "designed from the ground up to protect your privacy," today's Reuters report described employees as having easy access to the cameras' output and sharing that freely with other employees

Photographer Captures Ultra-Rare Red Ring of Light Over Italy | PetaPixel #nature

A photographer has captured a rare and mysterious phenomenon called ELVE which appears as a massive red ring of light in the sky and is generated from thunderstorm clouds.

Valter Binotto captured the ELVE which appeared for only a few milliseconds over Italy on Monday, March 27. It was 223 miles (359 kilometers) wide and located 62 miles (100 kilometers) high in the ionosphere.

Binotto tells PetaPixel that he had to employ a specialist technique and equipment to capture this wonderous phenomenon.

“With normal cameras, they are difficult to photograph,” he says. “The light they emit is very low and in the infrared, where the sensors cannot see. I use a camera without the normal IR Cut filter so it also sees the infrared band well.”

How to pack a stereo signal in one record groove #interesting

The entrepreneurs who regret starting businesses - BBC Worklife #career

Sam Schreim has been his own boss for nearly 20 years. He’s opened his own consultancy firm, launched multiple start-ups and advised high-net-worth clients as an independent consultant. But if the 54-year-old could go back, he may never have taken the plunge.

“If I’d had a crystal ball, I would’ve never made that jump,” says Boston-based Schreim. “I regret it all the time. I look back, and by now I would’ve consistently been making seven figures as a management consultant had I stayed working with the large firms.”

The time Bell Labs brought the Statue of Liberty under its roof (Literally) – Nick vs Networking #history

Creator of Catan, Klaus Teuber, has passed away at the age of 70 | Dicebreaker #promemoria

Klaus Teuber, the designer responsible for creating Catan, has passed away at the age of 70.

In a press release from Catan Studios – the company behind the release of the family board game – it was confirmed that Teuber had passed on April 1st following a “brief and severe illness.” The news comes as a shock, considering the designer had been creating new expansions and versions of Catan that are set to be released later this year.

In response to Teuber’s death, Catan Studios released a statement calling the Catan creator a “legendary figure in the board gaming industry,” who had not only designed one of the most well-known tabletop series in modern history but had “shaped the genre of the ‘German Game.’ [and] will continue to inspire generations of gamers for years to come.”

UK airport scraps 100ml liquid rule with scanners - BBC News #travel

ondon City Airport has scrapped the 100ml liquid limit by using high-tech scanners which also allow electronics to be kept in hand luggage at security.

Travellers can now carry on up to two litres of liquid, and toiletries no longer have to be put in separate bags.

It is the second UK airport to use this technology in all its security lanes, after Teesside introduced it in March.

The government has set a June 2024 deadline for most UK airports to install the machines.

Managers, Stop Distracting Your Employees #career #culture


The rise of remote work has made corporate leaders paranoid, thinking they must monitor their employees’ every digital move in order to maintain productivity. But while people often zero in on Facebook, TikTok, or Netflix as potential sources of employee distraction, in truth, we’re often more distracted by the ways in which we work today. The author offers four strategies to help managers get to the root causes of what’s distracting their employees: 1) Open a dialogue about distractions; 2) Schedule-sync with your employees; 3) Don’t hold meetings without an agenda; and 4) Set an example.

If parrots can talk, why can’t monkeys? | Science & Tech | EL PAÍS English #nature #physiology

All these studies indicate that apes have all the anatomical characteristics necessary for speech. The reason they don’t is purely neural. Humans have much better control of the larynx, not because of its position, but because of the neural connections that connect it to the brain. Parrots don’t even have a larynx, but they have wonderful control of their speech organ, which enables them to articulate intelligible words and phrases.

All this is a clear example of the importance of comparative research, of how we can study other species to better understand them and ourselves as well. And once again, Darwin was right.

Wronger than wrong - Wikipedia #science #philosophy

Wronger than wrong is a statement that equates two errors when one of the errors is clearly more wrong than the other. It was described by Michael Shermer as Asimov's axiom. The mistake was discussed in Isaac Asimov's book of essays The Relativity of Wrong as well as in a 1989 article[3] of the same name in the Fall 1989 issue of the Skeptical Inquirer:

When people thought the Earth was flat, they were wrong. When people thought the Earth was spherical, they were wrong. But if you think that thinking the Earth is spherical is just as wrong as thinking the Earth is flat, then your view is wronger than both of them put together.

We’re Knot Friends – Math ∩ Programming #crafts #art #culture

For those who don’t know, a friendship bracelet is a simple form of macramé—meaning the design is constructed by tying knots, as opposed to weaving or braiding. Bracelet patterns are typically simple enough for a child of 8 or 9 to handle, albeit with a bit of practice. They are believed to originate among the indigenous peoples of the Americas, where knots were tied into string to track time and count, but in the United States their popularity arose among children as a gift-giving symbol of friendship. As the lore goes, when someone gives you a friendship bracelet, you put it on and make a wish, and you must leave it on until the bracelet naturally falls off, at which point your wish comes true.

AI won’t steal your job, people leveraging AI will – IEEE Future Directions #career #technology #futurism

Goldman Sachs  foresees up to 300 million jobs to be affected by AI worldwide (that is 18% of jobs). The new capabilities offered by Generative AI will particularly affect white collars job, but “affect” does not mean “kill”.

Sure, a percentage of those affected jobs will lead to job losses but the majority will be changed by AI, not killed. And those that will be killed could be offset by new jobs opportunities. Let’s be clear and not fool ourselves. The new jobs opportunities may  not be fit for those losing their job. New skills and competences will be needed. Continuous education is the keyword for the future.

The Goldman Sachs report foresees a growth of 7% of the world GDP as follow up of the widespread adoption of AI, meaning some 7 trillion $ over the next 10 years.

Giving kids no autonomy at all has become a parenting norm — and the pandemic is worsening the trend | #culture #society

The belief that children must be attended—or even attended to—at all times by their parents or a direct proxy came to dominate America's child-rearing philosophy from the last decade of the 20th century forward. My style, which revolves around limiting kids' independence only to the extent necessary to protect them from risks that are both serious and fairly likely to materialize, is now known as "free-range parenting" in the United States, despite the fact that much of the world—including the majority in countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, France, and Israel—just calls it "parenting."

In New Zealand, for example, "kids roam the streets," Slate editor Dan Kois wrote in "How To Be a Family," and "Kiwi parents let their kids figure things out themselves." In the U.S. though, the police have been called, women arrested, and children taken into custody for finishing out a stroller nap in an enclosed backyard, using an iPad in a car for a few minutes, and playing in a park.

Ask The Headhunter® - How do I decline the other job offer? #career

The right way to turn down one of the offers is on the phone, not via e-mail. Despite the cold, impersonal ways most HR departments behave when they reject you, you should cultivate a higher standard.

Make the call to the manager who offered the job, not to the HR department. Awkward though it might seem to you, it’s important to take responsibility for your decision and to tell the manager yourself. This is a manager who wants to hire you and who could serve as a reference for you one day when you need one, or who might hire you in the future. This is the kind of relationship you want to cultivate and protect. So make the conversation personal and as positive as you can.

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