ReHacked vol. 206: How To Start A Rocket Engine, List of 7: Controversial Japanese Films, Which Apps Do Americans Delete the Most and more

Your first reaction is usually outdated. -- Derek Sivers

ReHacked vol. 206: How To Start A Rocket Engine, List of 7: Controversial Japanese Films, Which Apps Do Americans Delete the Most and more
The ruins of Nalanda remain an important place of pilgrimage and reflection for Buddhists (Credit: Sugato Mukherjee)

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Now is the time for debate and actions | Mullvad VPN #privacy

A democratic society is built upon discussions, before law proposals become reality. We started the conversation on the streets of Sweden, during the country’s EU presidency.

How To Start A Rocket Engine | Everyday Astronaut #engineering #space

Liquid-fueled rocket engines operate by flowing fuel and oxidizer into a combustion chamber at high pressure in order to eject mass out of the rocket nozzle at high velocities. While there exist many ways for these propellants to be mixed (called engine cycles), they all have one major technical hurdle: how does a rocket engine get up to operational pressures? Furthermore, how is this done in the zero-normal force environment of orbit?

Starting a liquid rocket engine is a very complex sequence of managing pressures and temperatures throughout all of the valves and pumps in the engine, where the smallest of errors leads to the engine experiencing a RUD (rapid, unscheduled disassembly).

OpenBB-finance/OpenBBTerminal: Investment Research for Everyone, Anywhere. #software

Emscripten-Port of Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny Play in your browser. #fun

In Namibia, Lions Are King of the Beach | Hakai Magazine #nature

On a desolate stretch of Namibia’s arid Skeleton Coast National Park, an invisible fence is keeping lions and visitors apart.

Namibia’s Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism and the nonprofit Desert Lion Conservation Trust (DLCT) created the virtual fence line, known as a geofence, to track lions approaching a 40-kilometer stretch of beach around Torra Bay, a popular fishing and camping area. Each time a lion wearing a satellite collar crosses the geofence, the system records the animal’s GPS coordinates and sends automatic alerts to the DLCT’s lion rangers and managers of the local campsite, who close the area to visitors.

The early warning system is in response to a number of potentially dangerous incidents between lions and people. In one last year, a party of recreational anglers got too close to a lioness on a beach near Torra Bay, and the animal charged their vehicle.

List of 7: Controversial Japanese Films | Tokyo Weekender #culture #art

With the Oscars scheduled for this weekend, we thought we’d concentrate on films for our latest List of 7. None of the movies below were ever nominated for an Academy Award, but they certainly all left a significant mark. Featuring directors such as Nagisa Oshima and Takashi Miike, here’s a look at some of the most controversial Japanese films ever made. The focus is on feature-length flicks only, so shorts such as Shuji Terayama’s Emperor Tomato Ketchup, the inspiration for Stereolab’s fourth studio album, and Lost Youth, a story that exposes the dark side of Tokyo, are not included.

There’s no such thing as a tree (phylogenetically) | Eukaryote Writes Blog #nature

So you’ve heard about how fish aren’t a monophyletic group? You’ve heard about carcinization, the process by which ocean arthropods convergently evolve into crabs? You say you get it now? Sit down. Sit down. Shut up. Listen. You don’t know nothing yet.

“Trees” are not a coherent phylogenetic category. On the evolutionary tree of plants, trees are regularly interspersed with things that are absolutely, 100% not trees. This means that, for instance, either:

  • The common ancestor of a maple and a mulberry tree was not a tree.
  • The common ancestor of a stinging nettle and a strawberry plant was a tree.
  • And this is true for most trees or non-trees that you can think of.

LA Sheriff’s Department Has Gang Members at ‘Highest Levels’ — Report – Rolling Stone #society #crime

A BLISTERING NEW official investigation decries violent, lawless “deputy gangs” that continue to wield extraordinary power within the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The report delivers a call to action for new Sheriff Robert Luna: “It is time to eradicate this 50-year plague upon the County of Los Angeles.”

The report identifies at “least a half dozen” active gangs and cliques — and names them: the Executioners, the Banditos, the Regulators, the Spartans, the Gladiators, the Cowboys, and the Reapers.

These groups pose a threat to the general public — deputies hoping to prove themselves worthy of gang membership routinely seek out violent encounters with the public, the investigation reports — as well as to the internal command-and-control structure of LASD. The gangs “undermine supervision, destroy public trust, are discriminatory, disruptive, and act contrary to … professional policing,” the report concludes.

Which Apps Do Americans Delete the Most? | #software #internet

Our research found that, amongst all of the 30 apps analyzed, Instagram saw the highest search volume for “deleting” and “deactivating” at 900,120 searches nationwide. ‘Deactivating’ Instagram app had a search volume of 93,270 across America, whereas ‘Delete Instagram Account’ had a search volume of 642,690.

Disinformation, fake followers, NFTs, and surveillance issues are just a few of the top things users like to complain about when it comes to the photo-sharing app. What’s more, according to POPSCI, Instagram’s latest updates have caused an influx in petitions, demanding the photo-sharing app to ‘make Instagram Instagram again.’

Nalanda: The university that changed the world - BBC Travel #history

In the more-than seven centuries that Nalanda flourished, there was nothing else like it in the world. The monastic university predates the University of Oxford and Europe's oldest university, Bologna, by more than 500 years. What's more, Nalanda's enlightened approach to philosophy and religion would help shape the culture of Asia long after the university ceased to exist.

Interestingly, the monarchs of the Gupta Empire that founded the Buddhist monastic university were devout Hindus, but sympathetic and accepting towards Buddhism and the growing Buddhist intellectual fervour and philosophical writings of the time. The liberal cultural and religious traditions that evolved under their reign would form the core of Nalanda's multidisciplinary academic curriculum, which blended intellectual Buddhism with a higher knowledge in different fields.

The ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda, which is rooted in nature-based healing methods, was widely taught at Nalanda and then migrated to other parts of India via alumni. Other Buddhist institutions drew inspiration from the campus' design of open courtyards enclosed by prayer halls and lecture rooms. And the stucco produced here influenced ecclesiastical art in Thailand, and metal art migrated from here to Tibet and the Malayan peninsula.

The Lost Art of Lacing Cable - The Broadcast Bridge - Connecting IT to Broadcast #skills #hardware #lifehack

Cable lacing is simply a method for tying wiring harnesses and cable looms. This old cable management technique, taught to generations of linemen, is still used in some modern applications since it does not create obstructions along the length of the cable. Avoided are the handling problems of cables groomed by plastic or hook-and-loop cable ties.

Cable lacing uses a thin cord, traditionally made of waxed linen, to bind together a group of cables using a series of running lock-stitches. Flat lacing tapes made of modern materials such as nylon, polyester, Teflon, fiberglass and Nomex are also available with a variety of coatings to improve knot holding.

France comes to a standstill as livid workers protest plan to increase retirement age | CBC News #politics #economy #society

French unions stepped up their fight against President Emmanuel Macron's pension reform plans on Tuesday as most trains came to a halt, fuel deliveries were disrupted and schools shut in a sixth day of nationwide strikes.

To increase pressure on lawmakers not to raise the pension age by two years to 64, unions said there would be rolling strikes this time, which could go on for days, including at oil refineries and railways.

Street protests are expected to take place in more than 300 towns and cities.

EU youth refuse to be surveilled - European Digital Rights (EDRi) #privacy #freespeech

New evidence shows that 80% of young people aged 13 to 17 years old from 13 EU Member States would not feel comfortable being politically active or exploring their sexuality if authorities were able to monitor their digital communication, in order to look for child sexual abuse. These survey results come at an important moment as the European Parliament is negotiating the European Commission’s proposal ‘laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse’ (CSA Regulation).

I’m a very slow thinker | Derek Sivers #career

People say that your first reaction is the most honest, but I disagree. Your first reaction is usually outdated. Either it’s an answer you came up with long ago and now use instead of thinking, or it’s a knee-jerk emotional response to something in your past.

When you’re less impulsive and more deliberate like this, it can be a little inconvenient for other people, but that’s OK. Someone asks you a question. You don’t need to answer. You can say, “I don’t know,” and take your time to answer after thinking. Things happen. Someone expects you to respond. But you can say, “We’ll see.”

Moon Lander game inside of the browser #fun

Want an unfair advantage in your tech career? Consume content meant for other roles #career

Plenty of people consume career content meant for people in their own role. Not so many people take the time to consume content meant for people in roles they work with.

Doing so, however, can be a game-changer. There’s just something about seeing a problem from someone else’s perspective.

Cargo Cult Science #longread #science #essay


Some remarks on science, pseudoscience, and learning how to not fool yourself. Caltech’s 1974 commencement address.

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