ReHacked #69: Hacker downloads close to 300,000 personal ID photos in Estonia, ISS lost altitude control after Nauka docking, New exotic matter particle, a tetraquark, discovered and more

After raising $235 million in funding, AnyVision CEO Avi Golan tried to rally fellow executives to #stopthemadness of rising salaries for workers.

ReHacked #69: Hacker downloads close to 300,000 personal ID photos in Estonia, ISS lost altitude control after Nauka docking, New exotic matter particle, a tetraquark, discovered and more
A concept of MIUS drone. (Image: Baykar)

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Amazon has ruined search and Google is in on it #internet

TL;DR -- Tried searching Google for best bicycles under $500 and nearly all results were spammy review sites riddled with Amazon affiliate links.

Hacker downloads close to 300,000 personal ID photos #security

A hacker was able to obtain over 280,000 personal identity photos following an attack on the state information system last Friday. The suspect is reportedly a resident of Tallinn.

The culprit had already obtained personal names and ID codes and was able to obtain a third component, the photos, by making individual requests from thousands of IP addresses.

This data was not, however, enough for the hacker to access e-state services, meaning the normal means of authentication (ID card, mobile ID and SMART ID) have not been compromised.

New exotic matter particle, a tetraquark, discovered

the LHCb experiment at CERN is presenting a new discovery at the European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics (EPS-HEP). The new particle discovered by LHCb, labeled as Tcc+, is a tetraquark—an exotic hadron containing two quarks and two antiquarks. It is the longest-lived exotic matter particle ever discovered, and the first to contain two heavy quarks and two light antiquarks. #internet

read-only wikipedia using just static files.

2MB of CSS, JS, WASM; one 43GB SQLite file.

Tech CEO Says Workers Get Too Much Pay and Benefits #economy

"I'm calling all Israeli CEOs specifically in hi-tech to stop the hiring madness before the bubble explodes," Golan wrote. "This new generation of young engineers needs proper guidance, and we need to be responsible to teach them career fundamentals. Many of my CEO colleagues [are] already looking or exploring to outsource dev services abroad. We are hurting our young generation as well as our own market and country by the fact we keep raising salaries and offering crazy illogical benefits."

The benefits of CEOs are “logical” thou?

What are the Olympic medals made of? #interesting

What are the Olympic medals made of? It seems an obvious answer – gold, silver, and bronze; it’s on the label! – but the silver medal is the only one that is actually made from its pure element.

So what are the other medals made of – and what else could you potentially use them for?

Jeff Bezos loses attempt to block the Moon-landing contract NASA gave to SpaceX #space #politics

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) today rejected Blue Origin's attempt to block the lunar-landing contract that NASA awarded to SpaceX. The GAO also rejected a similar protest filed by Dynetics.

NASA in April 2020 selected SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Dynetics to design and build human landing systems. But in April 2021, NASA decided to go only with SpaceX and its Starship vehicle for the Artemis program, which is NASA's plan to return humans to the Moon by 2024.

"The cost of SpaceX's bid was about half that of Dynetics, and one-fourth the amount received by Blue Origin," as our coverage at the time said. While budget was apparently the biggest factor, NASA also "praised the [SpaceX] vehicle's innovative design and future-looking technology that might also one day be used on Mars" and cited Starship advantages including "a spacious cabin for astronauts, two airlocks, and ample payload capability to bring large numbers of experiments to the Moon and return samples to Earth."

Welcome to the Retrocomputing Archive! #computing #history

This site was created as a logical extension to the original Commercial 
CP/M Software Archive. The focus has been expanded to encompass all types 
of "classic" computer systems and their software, not just CP/M. 
Software and documentation for all computer systems is welcome here. 
Anything from the simplest 6502 based SBC to a huge VAX minicomputer; 
it has a home here.

New CO2 battery will make wind and solar dispatchable 'at an unprecedented low price' #technology

Italian start-up Energy Dome says that its new long-duration “CO2 battery” system, which only uses off-the-shelf equipment will achieve a levelised cost of storage (LCOS) of $50-60/MWh in the next few years.

That would be more than twice as low as the LCOS of lithium-ion batteries — $132-245/MWh, according to Lazard — and almost twice as cheap as current long-duration storage market leader Highview Power’s CRYObattery ($100/MWh, according to a 2019 interview with Recharge).

Sky News Australia suspended from YouTube over an old coronavirus video #internet #censorship

Sky News Australia has been temporarily suspended by YouTube following a review of old videos published to the channel.

The one-week suspension by YouTube follows a review of content for compliance with YouTube’s policies on COVID-19 which are subject to change in response to changes to global or local health authority guidance on the virus.

Sky News Australia acknowledges YouTube’s right to enforce its policies and looks forward to continuing to publish its popular news and analysis content back to its audience of 1.85 million YouTube subscribers shortly.

A Sky News Australia spokesperson said: “We support broad discussion and debate on a wide range of topics and perspectives which is vital to any democracy.

“We take our commitment to meeting editorial and community expectations seriously.”

YouTube responded to media requests mentioning its "denial of COVID-19" policies but it later dropped that reference in future media statements.

Killer Of F-35 Jets: US Dominance Of 5th-Gen Fighter Aircraft To End With Supersonic Stealthy 'Flying Machines'? #technology

Selcuk Bayraktar, the son-in-law of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the chief technology officer of Turkish defense company Baykar, released a video on July 20, sharing the details of the future unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV).

“Unmanned aircraft will change the concept of air warfare and will replace fifth-generation aircraft,” Bayraktar can be heard saying in the video, a sarcastic remark purportedly aimed at the US, which continues to take pride in its fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets.

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