ReHacked #49: China on Mars, retiring IE11, tech savvy Amish and more

One of the simplest forms of animal life, the tiny aquatic organism called the hydra, has been shown to spend some time every few hours asleep --QuantaMagazine

ReHacked #49: China on Mars, retiring IE11, tech savvy Amish and more
Comparative Heights, of the Principal Mountains and Lengths of the Principal Rivers in the World by William Darton and W. R. Gardner, 1823

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Ethereum will use at least ~99.95% less energy post merge. #blockchain

Ethereum will be completing the transition to Proof-of-Stake in the upcoming months, which brings a myriad of improvements that have been theorized for years. But now that the Beacon chain has been running for a few months, we can actually dig into the numbers. One area that we’re excited to explore involves new energy-use estimates, as we end the process of expending a country’s worth of energy on consensus.

NVIDIA announced today that it's halving the hash rate for Etehereum cryptocurrency mining on the new GeForce RTX 3080, 3070, and 3060 Ti graphics cards to make them less desirable for miners.

The company will add "Lite Hash Rate" or "LHR" identifiers to retail product listings and boxes for all these new nerfed graphics cards that will start shipping later this month. #blockchain

A Large Collection of The Most Beautiful Maps You Can See #nature #history

The wait is over. 1Password for Linux is officially here. #software #security

Linux support is far and away our most requested feature. Bringing the world’s most loved password manager to such a passionate community – and building on the incredible work of the open source community – is both humbling and exciting for all of us at 1Password.

Google AMP is dead! AMP pages no longer get preferential treatment in Google search #internet

Google is rolling out a significant change as a part of their page experience ranking algorithm in June 2021.

From the release of the Core Web Vitals and the page experience algorithm, there is no longer any preferential treatment for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in Google’s search results, Top Stories carousel and the Google News. Google will even remove the AMP badge icon from the search results.

Hyundai Nexo breaks world record for longest distance travelled in a FCEV #technology #engineering #hydrogen

The world record for the longest distance travelled in a hydrogen-powered vehicle on a single tank has been broken by a Hyundai Nexo in Australia.

Traveling an impressive 887.5km, according to the Nexo’s own trip computer, the drive exceeded the previous record of 778km set by aeronaut Bertrand Piccard.

Introducing Site Isolation in Firefox #security

When two major vulnerabilities known as Meltdown and Spectre were disclosed by security researchers in early 2018, Firefox promptly added security mitigations to keep you safe. Going forward, however, it was clear that with the evolving techniques of malicious actors on the web, we needed to redesign Firefox to mitigate future variations of such vulnerabilities and to keep you safe when browsing the web!

Companies may be punished for paying ransoms to sanctioned hackers #security

Facilitating ransomware payments to sanctioned hackers may be illegal, the U.S. Treasury said on Thursday, signaling a crackdown on the fast-growing market for consultants who help organizations pay off cybercriminals.

In a pair of advisories, the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control and its Financial Crimes Enforcement Network warned that facilitators could be prosecuted even if they or the victims did not know that the hackers demanding the ransom were subject to U.S. sanctions.

Sleep Evolved Before Brains. Hydras Are Living Proof. #health #nature #longread

The evidence for sleep in creatures with minimal nervous systems seemed to reach a new high about five years ago with studies of jellyfish. The Cassiopea jellies, about four inches long, spend most of their time upside down, tentacles reaching toward the ocean surface, and pulsating to push seawater through their bodies. When Michael Abrams, now a fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, and two other graduate students at the California Institute of Technology asked if Cassiopea might sleep, they were continuing the line of inquiry that Tobler had followed when she studied cockroaches, investigating whether sleep exists in ever simpler organisms. If jellyfish sleep, that suggests sleep may have evolved more than 1 billion years ago and could be a fundamental function of almost all organisms in the animal kingdom, many of which do not have brains.

Welcome to Libera Chat #internet

We’re excited to announce the launch of Libera.Chat, and welcome you to a next-generation IRC network for free and open source software projects and similarly-spirited collaborative endeavours.

Most of our staff have joined us from freenode, and we intend to continue its legacy. It was a privilege to provide the FOSS world with a collaborative platform.

When freenode announced that it was joining with Private Internet Access in 2017, the domain name, as well as unspecified other “assets”, were sold to one Andrew Lee via a holding company. Staff were uncertain but assured that PIA was to have no operational influence.

Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired and go out of support on June 15, 2022, for certain versions of Windows 10. #software

China on Mars: Zhurong rover returns first pictures #space #nature

To be more tech-savvy, borrow these strategies from the Amish #psychology #longread

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