ReHacked #19: from futuristic hydrogen-powered scooters back to the golf on the Moon...

ReHacked #19: from futuristic hydrogen-powered scooters back to the golf on the Moon...
This image consists of six photographs taken from the Lunar Module, enhanced and stitched into a single panorama to show the landing scene, along with the location from where Shepard hit the balls

Hello, today’s assertion is from futuristic news back to the punk magazine and golf on the Moon. Have a great time while reading!

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Hydrogen-powered drives for e-scooters #technology

Hydrogen is regarded by many as the future of propulsion technology. The first hydrogen-powered cars are already in action on German roads. In the case of e-scooters, however, installation of a high-pressure tank to store the hydrogen is impractical. An alternative here is POWERPASTE. This provides a safe way of storing hydrogen in a chemical form that is easy to transport and replenish without the need for an expensive network of filling stations. This new paste is based on magnesium hydride and was developed by a research team at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM in Dresden.

Punk Planet Archive #history #culture Very special thanks to Asta for the link.

Punk Planet was a 16,000 print run punk zine, based in Chicago, Illinois, that focused most of its energy on looking at punk subculture rather than punk as simply another genre of music to which teenagers listen. In addition to covering music, Punk Planet also covered visual arts and a wide variety of progressive issues — including media criticism, feminism, and labor issues.

Fifty years ago this week, Alan Shepard famously hit two golf balls on the Moon.

A short history of how Alan Shepard played golf on the Moon. #space #history #fun

Recent results from a pulsar timing array, which uses dead stars to hunt for gravitational waves, has scientists speculating about cosmic strings and primordial black holes #science #physics #space

Because these cosmic strings originated near the beginning of time, they would carry information about processes such as cosmic inflation, during which the universe is thought to have rapidly ballooned by mind-boggling factors, as well as the creation of different particles at different extreme temperatures, says Kai Schmitz, a theoretical physicist at CERN near Geneva. Information from such conditions, which would be impossible to create in particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider, could help researchers produce a grand unified theory connecting most known particles and forces that would supersede the current Standard Model. Along with two collaborators, Schmitz published a paper in Physical Review Letters (PRL) outlining how cosmic strings could account for the NANOGrav data on January 28, the same day a similar article by Lewicki and Ellis appeared.
“If we detected cosmic strings, it would be the detection of my lifetime,” says Eugene Lim, a cosmologist also at King’s College London. “It would be more important than the Higgs boson, probably more than gravitational waves themselves.”

Oil companies buying up EV charging networks: Shell acquires ubitricity #economy #technology

Saharan dust: Orange skies and sandy snow in southern Europe (video)

The sky in parts of southern Europe turned an eerie orange as areas were covered with dust and sand brought by wind from the Sahara desert. #nature

An on-going series of things J.R.R. Tolkien has never said, done, written or had anything to do with. #culture #fantasy #literature #digging-the-rabbit-hole

Open-source LibreOffice tells businesses: Get off our Community version, you are hurting development #software #opensource #copyrights

The Document Foundation (TDF) also has a few complaints about enterprises that are opting to use the Community version. TDF stressed that LibreOffice 7.1 "Community" is meant for individuals and that means specifically not enterprise organizations.

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