Rehacked #17: security, dinosaurs and DIY project...

Rehacked #17: security, dinosaurs and DIY project...
A palaeontologist excavating a 98 million-year-old fossil which may belong to the largest land animal ever. Researchers first started unearthing the creatures remains in 2012 at the Candeleros Formation in the Neuquen River Valley, Argentina. (CTyS-UNLaM Science Outreach Agency)

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ProtonMail, Tutanota among authors of letter urging EU to reconsider encryption rules

In a letter that will be sent to council members on Thursday, the authors write that the council’s stated goal of endorsing encryption, and the council’s argument that law enforcement authorities must rely on accessing electronic evidence “despite encryption,” contradict one another. The advancement of legislation that forces technology companies to guarantee police investigators a way to intercept user messages, for instance, repeatedly has been scrutinized by technology leaders who argue there is no way to stop such a tool from being abused.

The resolution “will threaten the basic rights of millions of Europeans and undermine a global shift towards adopting end-to-end encryption,” say the companies, which offer users either encrypted email, file-sharing or messaging.


“A strong economic base may benefit those interested in setting up a start-up, providing an economic safety net in the event of failure,” the study noted. In addition, it is likely that individuals from strong economic backgrounds receive greater exposure to messages about entrepreneurship and innovation, and thereby model their career paths. A significant connection between the parents’ level of education and entrepreneurship was also noted. That connection is even stronger if the parents studied science or technology. Interestingly, there was no difference whether the father or mother was the one who came from that background. Those whose parents ranked in the top 20% of income but scored in the lower 50% in math on the Meitzav academic achievement test had a higher chance of becoming an entrepreneur than those whose parents’ income was among the lower 60% but scored in the top 10% in math.

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Dinosaur Unearthed in Argentina Could Be Largest Land Animal Ever

The skeleton is still far from complete but palaeontologists say what they’ve found suggests the dinosaur may be more than 120 feet long. #nature #science

Are the Persian Gulf states-cities slave societies?

A construction worker in Dubai earns about AED106,000 (US$28,000) a year compared with the AED258,000 (US$70,251) per capita yearly prevailing wage in the city. The same is generally true in each of the other city-states. Construction workers are housed in squalid dormitories. In these work camps, 20 to 30 men can end up sharing one bathroom, with eight or more sleeping in the same room. Passports and other travel documents are confiscated upon arrival and workers essentially spend all of their waking hours on the construction site; they are transported to and from the sites each day with little or no chance to see or enjoy the city they are helping to build. Those who don’t work on the construction sites can be found working as domestic servants throughout the region, often completely hidden from view, and others are employed in commercial and industrial enterprises, working as drivers, cleaners, caretakers, security guards, carpenters, plumbers, pipefitters, stone masons, and in a variety of other workplace occupations.

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Logical Fallacies. (link, resource) #education

Living room server rack from IKEA table. #DIY

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