ReHacked #162: Write one sentence per line, No-one knows what they are doing, Effective shell (e-book) and more

Cheap, green hydrogen would be a massive breakthrough in clean energy. --B. Gates

ReHacked #162: Write one sentence per line, No-one knows what they are doing, Effective shell (e-book) and more
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Write one sentence per line | Derek Sivers #writing #learning #productivity

We sometimes write sentences that don’t need to exist. Hidden in a paragraph, we might not notice. Standing on their own, we notice. Delete any sentence not worthy of its own line.

No-one knows what they are doing | Successful Software #career

It is easy to read 20/20 hindsight accounts of successful businesses and assume they they knew exactly what they needed to do at each stage. They didn’t. Running a business involves making a lot of decisions under great uncertainty in a constantly changing environment. So if you want to start a business, don’t be put off by not knowing what you are doing. No-one does.

Lexical #software

Lexical playground

Lexical is an extensible JavaScript web text-editor framework with an emphasis on reliability, accessibility and performance. Lexical aims to provide a best-in-class developer experience, so you can easily prototype and build features with confidence. Combined with a highly extensible architecture, Lexical allows developers to create unique text editing experiences that scale in size and functionality.

Lexical works by attaching itself to a contentEditable element and from there you can work with Lexical's declarative APIs to make things happen without needing to worry about specific edge-cases around the DOM. In fact, you rarely need to interact with the DOM at all in most cases (unless you build your own custom nodes).

The core package of Lexical is only 22kb in file size (min+gzip) and you only ever pay the cost for what you need. So Lexical can grow with your surface and the requirements. Furthermore, in frameworks that support lazy-loading, you can defer Lexical plugins till when the user actually interacts with the editor itself – which can greatly help improve performance.

Effective Shell #learning #programming #onllinebook

This book is for anyone who is interested in computing, and wants to learn more about the exciting, but sometimes daunting world of The Shell. The shell is simple interface for working with computers and programs and learning some of its features can enormously increase your productivity as any computer user - whether a home user or hobbyist, programmer, data scientist, writer, administrator or other professional.

For the newcomer, you'll learn what a shell is, how to use it on your system, and then how to become more effective everyday by integrating the shell into your work. For the experienced professional, there is a wealth of detailed tips and tricks in each chapter that go into advanced topics and techniques to make you even more of a power user.

To cut emissions, use this Swiss Army Knife | Bill Gates #energy #futurism

When most people picture greenhouse gas emissions, they think about cars and electricity. That’s because they turn keys, press buttons, and flip switches every day. The good news is, we already have ways to decarbonize these types of emissions (solar, wind, and nuclear power and lithium ion batteries). The bad news is, they add up to only about one third of the total.

The other two thirds—almost 35 billion tons—are much harder for most people to see. For example, we all use products made of cement, plastic, and steel, but most of us don’t manufacture them or load them onto cargo ships. To zero out emissions on these products, we need new technologies. Enter clean hydrogen. It has so many potential uses that some people refer to it as the Swiss Army Knife of decarbonization.

World Cup 2022: One-night stands will be illegal at the Qatar World Cup | Marca #culture #sports #world

Any extramarital sexual encounter that takes place in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup could result in a seven-year jail sentence.

It is the first time that a World Cup has been held in a Gulf state, which means there are some cultural differences that many spectators may struggle to adapt to.

Qatar's Supreme Committee said in a statement that "Qatar is a conservative country and public displays of affection are frowned upon regardless of sexual orientation".

Chasing utopian energy: How I wasted 20 years of my life – Brian Gitt #energy #futurism #longread

I started to realize that I had accepted as true certain claims about energy and our environment. Now I began to see those claims were false. For example:
  • I used to think solar and wind power were the best ways to reduce CO2 emissions. But the biggest reduction in CO2 emissions during the past 15 years (over 60%) has come from switching from coal to natural gas.
  • I used to think that the world was transitioning to solar, wind, and batteries. This, too, was false. Trillions of dollars were spent on wind and solar projects over the last 20 years, yet the world’s dependence on fossil fuels declined only 3 percentage points, from 87% to 84%.
  • I used to believe nuclear energy was dangerous and nuclear waste was a big problem. In fact, nuclear is the safest and most reliable way to generate low-emission electricity, and it provides the best chance of reducing CO2 emissions.
It’s now clear I was chasing utopian energy. I was using green energy myths as moral camouflage, and I was able to believe those myths as long as I remained ignorant about the real costs and benefits of different energy sources.

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