ReHacked #160: K-9 Mail Joins The Thunderbird Family, The prank cursor resulted in an employee being fired before they started, Toyota unveils 8.7 kWh battery for residential applications and more

"’re not the customer, you’re the product."

ReHacked #160: K-9 Mail Joins The Thunderbird Family, The prank cursor resulted in an employee being fired before they started, Toyota unveils 8.7 kWh battery for residential applications and more

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Revealed: Our Plans For Thunderbird On Android #software

K-9 Mail Joins The Thunderbird Family

To that end, we’re thrilled to announce that today, K-9 Mail officially joins the Thunderbird family. And cketti has already joined the full-time Thunderbird staff, bringing along his valuable expertise and experience with mobile platforms.

Ultimately, K-9 Mail will transform into Thunderbird on Android.

The prank cursor that resulted in an employee being fired before they even started - The Old New Thing #software #history #etiquette

This was a scandal of the highest proportion, and someone must pay.

The manager of this component replied, completely truthfully, “the individual responsible for this regrettable act is no longer with the company.”

This helped calm the storm.

The person who made the unauthorized change rejoined the company a few weeks later, as originally planned.

Toyota unveils 8.7 kWh battery for residential applications – pv magazine International #technology

The battery has a rated output of 5.5 kW and can be installed in outdoor environments. It is equipped with a hybrid power conditioner, a DC-to-DC converter, and a vehicle power supply adapter with a maximum output of 1.1 kWh.

North Carolina’s plan to ban free EV charging is an environmental disgrace #environment #economy #technology

While the US federal government is moving towards standardizing fast-charging infrastructure and installing the first national network of chargers on highways, North Carolina might be going in the opposite direction.

NC Representative Keith Kidwell, together with his colleagues, Reps. Ben Moss of Richmond County, Mark Brody of Union County, and George Cleveland of Onslow County, last week filed House Bill 1049 — one of the country’s most anti-EV bills to date.

How a Saxophonist Tricked the KGB by Encrypting Secrets in Music | WIRED #history

Using a code she had developed herself, Goldberg had obscured names, addresses, and other details the group would need for their trip in handwritten compositions that looked, to an untrained eye, like the real melodies she’d written on other pages of the book. Goldberg and her colleagues didn’t want to give Soviet officials details of who they planned to see and what they planned to do on their trip. They were going to meet the Phantom Orchestra.

The group was a dissident ensemble that Goldberg describes as an amalgamation of Jewish refuseniks (Jews who were barred from emigrating out of the USSR), Christian activists, and Helsinki monitors—watchdogs who tracked Soviet compliance with the 1975 Helsinki Accords. The Americans’ trip was funded and coordinated by the nonprofit Action for Soviet Jewry (now Action for Post-Soviet Jewry), which works on humanitarian relief in the former Soviet Union and was focused on helping Soviet Jews emigrate to Israel and the United States.

Human Attention has become a Marxist commodity — Matthew Eric Bassett, Ph.D. #information #society #economy

At the core of Marx’s Capital is his definition of a commodity: a thing made by human labour that has both a use value (a capacity to satisfy some human want or need) and an exchange value, the latter coming from the human labour used to produce it. Something like gold or coal could be a Marxist commodity, as both of them require human labour to mine and extract and both of them satisfy some human want or need. The former in terms of manufacturing other goods (and also in serving as the “universal” commodity, hence Marx’s theory of money) and the latter as a source of energy. What social media has done is turned human attention into such a commodity. Like coal companies hiring miners to operate heavy equipment that strip mines the mountainside, social media companies hire programmers and data scientists to operate “engaging user interfaces” that strip mine your attention. That attention is bought and sold to advertisers.

Body Language – Indepest #art #nsfw

Human body has its own language, through which it expresses joy and suffering — beyond any mythology, cosmology, or religio-physiological speculation. But it is also a language in itself, a book of flesh. You just have to read it in the proper way. Joyce Lee chose to explore the humanistic — and sometimes humorous — aspects of love and sexuality through the symbolism of the human body itself. And in these cases, a good deal of provocation is never an aspect so easy to avoid.

Native of Seoul Korea, Joyce majored in English literature & language at university. She worked for airlines for several years, before deciding to follow her true passion as an artist, and return to art school, earning her BFA degree at Seoul National University. By working with watercolors and pencils, she has previously done artwork for Playboy magazine, Numero magazine Berlin, The Learning Company, LG Corporation, and FIAT Motors, among others.

Firefox Rolls Out Total Cookie Protection By Default To All Users #privacy #software

Starting today, Firefox is rolling out Total Cookie Protection by default to all Firefox users worldwide, making Firefox the most private and secure major browser available across Windows, Mac and Linux. Total Cookie Protection is Firefox’s strongest privacy protection to date, confining cookies to the site where they were created, thus preventing tracking companies from using these cookies to track your browsing from site to site.

Research into falling sperm counts finds 'alarming' levels of chemicals in male urine samples | Euronews #health

Scientists searching for the causes of falling sperm counts are getting a clearer picture of the role played by chemical pollutants - and it’s not a pretty one.

A study of urine samples from nearly 100 male volunteers has uncovered "alarming" levels of endocrine disruptors known to reduce human fertility.

Cocktails of chemicals such as bisphenols and dioxins, which are believed to interfere with hormones and affect sperm quality, were present at levels up to 100 times those considered safe.

The median exposure to these chemicals was 17 times the levels deemed acceptable.

Electric vehicle battery capable of 98% charge in less than ten minutes – pv magazine USA #technology #futurism

Enovix, based in Fremont, California, announced that it demonstrated in electric vehicle (EV) battery cells the ability to charge from 0% to 80% state-of-charge in as little as 5.2 minutes and to achieve a greater than 98% charge capacity in under 10 minutes. The cells also surpassed 1,000 cycles while retaining 93% of their capacity.

The achievement shattered the United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) goal of achieving 80% charge in 15 minutes.

Other goals for USABC at the cell level include a usable energy density of 550 Wh/L, a survival temperature range of -40 to +66 degrees C, and a cost of $75/kWh at an annual output volume of 250,000 units.

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