ReHacked #141: NovayaGazeta will open in Europe, Europe Is Building a Huge International Facial Recognition System, and not much more this time

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NovayaGazeta will open in Europe

#internet #news

On the 28th of March Novaya Gazeta was forced to suspend its work for the second time in history.

This time the reason was martial law censorship and repressive decision of our authorities.

We believe that no one can eliminate a newspaper with such a strong heritage. And we are still looking forward to restarting our work in Moscow.

Europe Is Building a Huge International Facial Recognition System | WIRED UK


For the past 15 years, police forces searching for criminals in Europe have been able to share fingerprints, DNA data, and details of vehicle owners with each other. If officials in France suspect someone they are looking for is in Spain, they can ask Spanish authorities to check fingerprints against their database. Now European lawmakers are set to include millions of photos of people’s faces in this system—and allow facial recognition to be used on an unprecedented scale.

High-precision measurement of the W boson mass with the CDF II detector

#science #nature

W bosons mediate the weak interaction, one of the fundamental forces in physics. Because the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics places tight constraints on the mass of the W boson, measuring the mass puts the SM to the test. The Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) Collaboration now reports a precise measurement of the W boson mass extracted from data taken at the Tevatron particle accelerator (see the Perspective by Campagnari and Mulders). Surprisingly, the researchers found that the mass of the boson was significantly higher than the SM predicts, with a discrepancy of 7 standard deviations.

Trapped in the Shanghai lockdown, residents turn to WeChat groups for food - Rest of World

#world #society

Yuki Jiang works as a consultant at a multinational in Shanghai. But during the city’s harsh lockdown, she took on a second, more crucial job: running a chat group to bulk-order frozen dumplings, chicken wings, and fried rice for her neighbors.

Since April 1, when the government locked down the entire city to control a rising Omicron wave, it has struggled to provide essentials to its 26 million confined residents. Supplies have been unevenly distributed, and delivery apps overwhelmed. Desperate calls for food and medicine have filled social media. And where traditional supply lines have failed, a citywide group-buying network of group chats has emerged, dedicated to procuring every commodity from vegetables to cat food.

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