ReHacked #130: Russian aggression continues, some other news inside (to keep our minds sane)

ReHacked #130: Russian aggression continues, some other news inside (to keep our minds sane)
The site, near the Shard, is thought to have been a staging post for travellers entering or leaving Roman London on the north side of the Thames. Photograph: MOLA/Andy Chopping

Donate to support the Ukrainian Red Cross to help civilians in this difficult time for Ukraine! – Товариство Червоного Хреста України

If the situation in Ukraine gets worse, volunteers and staff of the Ukrainian Red Cross would provide first aid in areas where access to medical services will be limited; сommunication will be established and awareness of health risks will be raised. And, of course, we will provide humanitarian aid to all people in need.

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Russia’s Possible Invasion of Ukraine | Center for Strategic and International Studies #politics #war #longread

If peace talks fail, the Russian military has several options to advance into Ukraine through northern, central, and southern invasion routes. But a Russian attempt to seize and hold territory will not necessarily be easy and will likely be impacted by challenges from weather, urban combat, command and control, logistics, and the morale of Russian troops and the Ukrainian population. The United States and its European allies and partners should be prepared for an invasion by taking immediate economic, diplomatic, military, intelligence, and humanitarian steps to aid Ukraine and its population and shore up defenses along the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) eastern flank.

Credit Suisse asks investors to destroy documents linked to oligarch and tycoon yacht loans | Financial Times #war #economy

Credit Suisse has asked hedge funds and other investors to destroy documents relating to its richest clients’ yachts and private jets, in an attempt to stop information leaking about a unit of the bank that has made loans to oligarchs who were later sanctioned.

Investors this week received letters from the Swiss bank requesting that they destroy the documents relating to a securitisation of loans backed by “jets, yachts, real estate and/or financial assets”, according to three people whose firm received the request.

Lavish Roman mosaic is biggest found in London for 50 years | Roman Britain | The Guardian #history

The largest expanse of Roman mosaic found in London for more than half a century has been unearthed at a site believed to have been a venue for high-ranking officials to lounge in while being served food and drink.

Dating from the late second century to the early third century, the mosaic’s flowers and geometric patterns were a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime find, said Antonietta Lerz, of the Museum of London Archaeology (Mola).

When volcanoes go bang, submarine cables do … what? | APNIC Blog #engineering

With no working satellite Internet backup links, Tonga was cut off almost completely, except for a small number of satellite phones and standalone communication systems operated by the few diplomatic missions in Tonga. Even these didn’t work well initially, owing to the impressive ash cloud over the islands, but what little they could communicate provided some assurance that almost all had survived and helped guide the initial relief effort.

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