ReHacked #115: CNIL fines GOOGLE a total of 150MM euros and FACEBOOK 60MM euros, Facebook collecting people's data even when accounts are deactivated, Unix in the browser tab and more

90-9-1 rule: 90% of participants only consume content, 9% edit or modify content and 1% of participants add content.

ReHacked #115: CNIL fines GOOGLE a total of 150MM euros and FACEBOOK 60MM euros, Facebook collecting people's data even when accounts are deactivated, Unix in the browser tab and more
8R autonomous tractor. Photo credit: John Deere

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Cookies: the CNIL fines GOOGLE a total of 150 million euros and FACEBOOK 60 million euros for non-compliance with French legislation | CNIL #internet

As a result of this infringement, the CNIL's restricted committee issued:
  • a fine of 150 million euros against GOOGLE (90 million euros for GOOGLE LLC and 60 million euros for GOOGLE IRELAND LIMITED);
  • a fine of 60 million euros against the company FACEBOOK IRELAND LIMITED.

Facebook collecting people's data even when accounts are deactivated #privacy

Despite Facebook’s recent virtue-signaling on privacy, the company does not make it clear to people that when they deactivate their accounts, its vampiric data connections continue to suck new information from advertisers, revealing people’s personal interests, recent purchases and other interactions. And the company has no data retention policy limiting the length of time it keeps deactivated accounts and the photos and other data associated with them frozen in virtual cryogenic stasis.

Browsix: Unix in the browser tab #software #fun

Brussels Airlines makes 3,000 unnecessary flights to maintain airport slots | The Bulletin #economy

Brussels Airlines has operated 3,000 empty or near-empty flights this winter to avoid losing take-off and landing rights at major airports, it has been revealed.

The airline's parent company, Lufthansa, operated 18,000 flights this winter that would otherwise have been cancelled due to lack of passengers, including 3,000 flights under the Brussels Airlines banner, reports Le Soir and RTBF.

Laws, Theories, Principles and Patterns that developers will find useful. #hackerlaws

90–9–1 Principle (1% Rule)
1% Rule on Wikipedia
The 90-9-1 principle suggests that within an internet community such as a wiki, 90% of participants only consume content, 9% edit or modify content and 1% of participants add content.

IBM donated an International Translator System for use at the Nuremberg Trials, which brought the trial to life through simultaneous interpretation of English, Russian, French, and German delivered to 600 headsets with five audio channels. Later, IBM sold the proven system to the United Nations. #history

Drone carrying a defibrillator saves its first heart attack patient in Sweden - The Verge #technology #futurism

Someone having a heart attack needs help within 10 minutes in order to survive. Everdrone’s Emergency Medical Aerial Delivery (EMADE) service is designed to deliver help as quickly as possible — it allows emergency dispatchers to send a drone carrying the device to a caller’s home, kickstarting the lifesaving process before the ambulance arrives at their home. In this particular patient’s case, it took three minutes for the services to deliver the defibrillator to his home. A bystander, who happened to be a doctor on the way to his job, used the AED on the patient after providing CPR.

Ruling party figures say Poland has Pegasus spyware | Reuters #politics #privacy

Senior figures in the Polish government indicated on Friday that the country had bought sophisticated spyware developed by the Israel-based NSO Group, but denied that it had been used against political opponents.

Reports from the Associated Press that NSO Group's Pegasus software was used to hack the phones of government critics, including a senator who ran the election campaign for the largest opposition party in 2019, have led to accusations that special services are undermining democratic norms.

Government figures had previously declined to comment on whether or not Poland has access to Pegasus, citing laws on official secrets. In December, a deputy defence minister said Poland did not use Pegasus.

Sidney Poitier, Black acting pioneer, dies aged 94 | Sidney Poitier | The Guardian #culture #promemoria

Sidney Poitier, whose groundbreaking acting work in the 1950s and 60s paved the way for generations of Black film stars, has died aged 94. His death was announced on Friday by the minister of foreign affairs of the Bahamas, Fred Mitchell.

The Bahamas deputy prime minister, Chester Cooper, said he was “conflicted with great sadness and a sense of celebration when I learned of the passing of Sir Sidney Poitier”.

NASA’s Webb Telescope Reaches Major Milestone as Mirror Unfolds | NASA #space #engineering

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope team fully deployed its 21-foot, gold-coated primary mirror, successfully completing the final stage of all major spacecraft deployments to prepare for science operations.

A joint effort with the European Space Agency (ESA) and Canadian Space Agency, the Webb mission will explore every phase of cosmic history – from within our solar system to the most distant observable galaxies in the early universe.

“Today, NASA achieved another engineering milestone decades in the making. While the journey is not complete, I join the Webb team in breathing a little easier and imagining the future breakthroughs bound to inspire the world,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “The James Webb Space Telescope is an unprecedented mission that is on the precipice of seeing the light from the first galaxies and discovering the mysteries of our universe. Each feat already achieved and future accomplishment is a testament to the thousands of innovators who poured their life’s passion into this mission.”

Toyota to remanufacture cars up to three times in UK | Autocar #economy

Toyota will begin comprehensively refreshing ex-customer cars at its UK manufacturing facility as part of a drive to add value to vehicles throughout their life cycles.

Agustín Martín, president and managing director of Toyota GB, gave Autocar the first details of a new process that Toyota will implement as part of its new fleet-focused mobility sub-brand, Kinto. He said: “We need to stretch the way we look at life for both the vehicle and the customer.

Xiaomi cellphones can censor searches: NCC - Taipei Times #privacy #security #freespeech

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp’s (小米) Mi 10T 5G smartphones have built-in censorship capabilities and can transmit user data to servers at its Beijing headquarters, the National Communications Commission (NCC) said on Thursday evening.

The Telecommunications Technology Center, a think tank run by the commission, conducted a test in October last year on the model sold in Taiwan after the Lithuanian National Cyber Security Center on Sept. 21 last year informed the NCC of the device’s censorship capabilities.

Forced by shortages to sell chipless ink cartridges, Canon tells customers how to bypass DRM warnings | Boing Boing #hardware #copyrights

Printer ink company Canon was forced by the silicon shortage to sell cartridges without the DRM chips used to dissuade customers from using third-party tanks. Accordingly, it is reportedly telling customers how to bypass its "genuine" ink bullshit.

John Deere unveils fully autonomous 8R tractor | Successful Farming #technology #futurism #economy

In a time when farmers are challenged to produce more with less available land and skilled labor, John Deere is responding with its fully autonomous 8R tractor. Unveiled at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, the machine combines the 8R tractor, a TruSet-enabled chisel plow, a GPS guidance system, and advanced technologies.

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