ReHacked #112: "Autism is a Spectrum" Doesn't Mean What You Think, Ontario bans non competes, Ubisoft Deleted Account With Hundreds Of Dollars’ Worth Of Games For Inactivity and more

Multitasking, in short, is not only not thinking, it impairs your ability to think. --William Deresiewicz

ReHacked #112: "Autism is a Spectrum" Doesn't Mean What You Think, Ontario bans non competes, Ubisoft Deleted Account With Hundreds Of Dollars’ Worth Of Games For Inactivity and more
The Roman dodecahedron Brian Campbell found in East London. (C) Brian Campbell

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"Autism is a Spectrum" Doesn't Mean What You Think » NeuroClastic #psychology #health

Having sensory processing issues doesn’t make you “a little autistic.” It makes you someone with sensory processing problems. Autistic people will understand your struggles and welcome you as a fellow neurodivergent cousin, but that’s it.

But in order for a person to be considered autistic, they must have difficulty in multiple categories spanning the spectrum. Diagnosis depends on evidence that you do span the spectrum in observable ways.

Some commonalities are less obvious and are not required for diagnosis but are almost universally-reported by autistic people.

Ontario legislation Bill 27 bans non competes | Gowling WLG #economy

On November 30, 2021, the Ontario legislature passed Bill 27, Working for Workers Act, 2021 an omnibus bill introduced by the Progressive Conservatives which amends a number of employment-related statutes.  The amendments received Royal Assent on December 2, 2021; however, different parts of the Bill will come into effect at different times.

Ubisoft Deleted Account With Hundreds Of Dollars’ Worth Of Games For Inactivity - #games #internet

If you haven’t logged in to your Ubisoft account or UPlay in a while, you might want to check on it now. The French game publisher had apparently deleted an account for inactivity even when it had paid games in its library.

According to PCWorld, the account in question had been inactive for more than a year when the owner decided to take a break from gaming. “In 2020, I sold my PC because I was gaming way too much and it went a bit over the healthy way of doing it. I made a choice to work and attend school,” said the account owner Tor.

OBITUARY E.O. Wilson, naturalist dubbed a modern-day Darwin, dies at 92 | Reuters #nature #promemoria

E.O. Wilson, an American naturalist dubbed the modern day Darwin whose interest in ants led him to conclusions about human nature being directed by genetics rather than culture, died on Sunday at the age of 92, his foundation said.

Decoding James Webb Space Telescope – Daniel Estévez #space #engineering #longread

After launch, the first groundstation to pick the S-band signal from JWST was the 10 m antenna from the Italian Space Agency in Malindi, Kenya. This groundstation commanded the telemetry rate to increase from 1 kbps to 4 kbps. After this, the spacecraft’s footprint continued moving to the east, and it was tracked for a few hours by the DSN in Canberra. One of the things that Canberra did was to increase the telemetry rate to 40 kbps, which apparently is the maximum to be used in the mission.

As JWST moved away from Earth, its footprint started moving west. After Canberra, the spacecraft was tracked by Madrid. Edgar Kaiser DF2MZ, Iban Cardona EB3FRN and other amateur observers in Europe received the S-band telemetry signal. When Iban started receiving the signal, it was again using 4 kbps, but some time after, Madrid switched it to 40 kbps.

Windows 2000 Modernization Guide - Retrocomputing #software #history

So, you want to use Windows 2000 in 2021? Well, you've come to the right place, although we're not the only place you'll want to keep handy. You'll find some great tips, software advice, and know-how at the MSFN Windows 2000 Forums. Special thanks to @win32, who provided many of the pointers and suggestions used in this guide.

Making Windows 2000 Usable in 2021

Tracking covid-19 excess deaths across countries | The Economist #health

Quick and dirty way to rip an eBook from Android – Terence Eden’s Blog #software

Python programs, usually short, of considerable difficulty, to perfect particular skills. #programming


"An étude (a French word meaning study) is an instrumental musical composition, usually short, of considerable difficulty, and designed to provide practice material for perfecting a particular musical skill." — Wikipedia

This project contains pytudes—Python programs, usually short, for perfecting particular programming skills.

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China berates US after ‘close encounters’ with Elon Musk satellites | China | The Guardian #space

China has accused the US of ignoring international treaty obligations and engaging in irresponsible and unsafe conduct in outer space after two near misses between the Chinese space station and satellites operated by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company.

Zhao Lijian, a foreign ministry spokesperson, said on Tuesday that China “urges the US to act responsibly” after incidents involving SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, which he said had posed a serious threat to the lives and safety of astronauts.

Prince of Persia in JS #fun #software

LastPass users warned their master passwords are compromised #privacy

Many LastPass users report that their master passwords have been compromised after receiving email warnings that someone tried to use them to log into their accounts from unknown locations.

The email notifications also mention that the login attempts have been blocked because they were made from unfamiliar locations worldwide.

"Someone just used your master password to try to log in to your account from a device or location we didn't recognize," the login alerts warn.

Unearthing the truth | The Economist #nature #history

A Zimbabwean archaeologist reimagines the story of a momentous African civilisation

Paul Butler – “Play-to-earn” and Bullshit Jobs #economy #blockchain

In Bullshit Jobs: A Theory, David Graeber makes the case that a sizable chunk of the labour economy is essentially people performing useless work, as a sort of subconscious self-preservation instinct of the economic status quo. The book cites ample anecdotal evidence that people perceive their own jobs as completely disconnected from any sort of value creation, and makes the case that the ruling class stands to lose from the proletariat having extra free time on their hands. It’s a thoughtfully presented case, but when I read the book a few years back, I was skeptical that any mechanism to create bullshit jobs could arise from a system as inherently Darwinian as capitalism.

How to Think: The Skill You've Never Been Taught - Farnam Street #psychology #productivity #learning

Multitasking, in short, is not only not thinking, it impairs your ability to think. Thinking means concentrating on one thing long enough to develop an idea about it. Not learning other people’s ideas, or memorizing a body of information, however much those may sometimes be useful. Developing your own ideas. In short, thinking for yourself. You simply cannot do that in bursts of 20 seconds at a time, constantly interrupted by Facebook messages or Twitter tweets, or fiddling with your iPod, or watching something on YouTube.

FBI document shows what data can be obtained from encrypted messaging apps - The Record by Recorded Future #privacy

A recently discovered FBI training document shows that US law enforcement can gain limited access to the content of encrypted messages from secure messaging services like iMessage, Line, and WhatsApp, but not to messages sent via Signal, Telegram, Threema, Viber, WeChat, or Wickr.

The document, obtained earlier this month following a FOIA request filed by Property of the People, a US nonprofit dedicated to government transparency, appears to contain training advice for what kind of data agents can obtain from the operators of encrypted messaging services and the legal processes they have to go through.

The Mysterious Bronze Objects That Have Baffled Archeologists for Centuries | Mental Floss #history

The first Roman dodecahedron to intrigue archaeologists was found almost 300 years ago, buried in a field in the English countryside along with some ancient coins. "A piece of mixed metal, or ancient brass, consisting of 12 equal sides," read the description of the egg-sized object when it was presented to the Society of Antiquaries in London in 1739. The 12 faces had "an equal number of perforations within them, all of unequal diameters, but opposite to one another … every faceing had a knobb or little ball fixed to it." The antiquarians were flummoxed by the finely crafted metal shell, and what its purpose may have been.

The American Dream is on Life Support in the Bay Area #society #economy #city

This is not a “fuck SF” post. This is a lament of what has been lost, and a wistfulness for what could have been.

A year ago I was smirking at the people moving out of the Bay Area. I thought these were fairweather citizens, silly for moving to political train-wrecks like Texas or Florida.

Twelve months on, my wife and I find ourselves packing our life into boxes. Not to run towards a place where we feel greater love, but just to leave. The pendulum has swung hard in the last twelve months.

I didn’t think this change in my mindset would happen, or so quickly. I wanted to share the journey, in part because I’ve been in both camps at various points, and I hope those on most parts of the spectrum will consider this a reasonable, balanced perspective.

In summary — there have been many wonderful things about the Bay Area environment and local tech ecosystem. Some of those things persist. But enough challenges in quality of life have emerged and accelerated in recent years that the benefits are very clearly far outweighed by mounting frustrations.

glibc is still not Y2038 compliant by default – Ariadne's Space #software

Most of my readers are probably aware of the Y2038 issue by now. If not, it refers to 3:14:07 UTC on January 19, 2038, when 32-bit time_t will overflow. The Linux kernel has internally switched to 64-bit timekeeping several years ago, and Alpine made the jump to 64-bit time_t with the release of Alpine 3.13.

In the GNU/Linux world, the GNU libc started to support 64-bit time_t in version 2.34. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the approach they have used to support 64-bit time_t is technically deficient, following in the footsteps of other never-fully-completed transitions.

How Swedes were fooled by one of the biggest scientific bluffs of our time. #psychology #science #society [original link]

Unfortunately, the theory behind this book, and the various follow-ups, is no more than pseudoscientific nonsense. And Erikson appears to lack even basic knowledge of psychology or behavioural science. This is why we at VoF (Vetenskap och Folkbildning — the Swedish Skeptics Society) named Thomas Erikson fraudster of the year in 2018.

Accusing an individual of being a fraud should never be done lightly. We need to be very sure of where we stand. Here I lay out the case as to how and why Thomas Erikson books have misled so many people…

Literacy in the United States - Wikipedia #education #society

According to the U.S. Department of Education, 54% of adults in the United States have prose literacy below the 6th-grade level.

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